Oprah Was Turned Away From A High-End Boutique Because Apparently People In Switzerland Live Under Rocks


Oprah was recently shopping around Zurich, Switzerland (as one does when they are a guest at Tina Turner’s wedding) and upon entering a “high-end boutique,” was denied access to a Tom Ford handbag because the bitchy Swiss salesgirl didn’t think Oprah would end up buying it (read: most likely because she’s black, and somehow this woman deigned to not know of the almighty Oprah). Or maybe they found out she’s spending time and money on Lindsay Lohan, and decided to punish her for it. Basically this is what happened:

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On a more serious note, it’s insane to me that people at such “high-end” European places would make assumptions like that, let alone about Oprah–who I’m just assuming didn’t step into the store wearing her best hobo ensemble.  The bag in question ended up being $38,000 (which I’m sure is an amount of money that Oprah takes her daily bath in) which is a bit too much for a crocodile handbag, according to Oprah herself.


What a classy response, right?  I can’t say I’d have handled it as gracefully as Oprah did.  I’d have gone right back to the Beverly Wilshire and demanded that Hector Elizando take care of the situation immediately.

Not wanting to cause an international outcry, Swiss tourism officials released the following statement:

 ”Switzerland Tourism is deeply sorry to learn about the experience Ms. Winfrey recently had in Switzerland, and we apologize that her feelings were hurt. We would like to assure Ms. Winfrey—like any visitor to Switzerland—that she is welcome with open arms.”

Now if you’ll pardon moi, I must get back to my biggest pickle of the day: figuring out how many Weight Watchers points are in a hot sausage sandwich.

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    • http://sarahhollowell.com/ Sarah Hollowell

      Ohhh maaaan I bet that salesgirl got so firrrred

      • Cassandra Hough

        Considering there was a statement given from the entire country of Switzerland, I’d be surprised if she didn’t! Crazy.

      • Chelsea DeLoney

        She didn’t, I just read a statement issued from the boutique owner. HThey didn’t see a reason to. I would’ve fired her.

      • Jack Laurie

        Fat Oprah is lying again, “oh poor me, people don’t treat me like the Emperor”

      • tiredofu

        The Swiss should’ve shown a backbone and not apologize. Oprah Winfrey is not a celebrity there. She is not empress of the universe. She was probably wearing casual wear, nothing impressive as she stated “didn’t have eyelashes on but in full Oprah Winfrey gear” (whatever that kind of gear is. Can only presume it’s something similar to what’s on the racks at a Penny’s or Macy’s; nothing extravagant), and when you go into these stores with $35,000 handbags you better have one of your good outfits on and decorated with diamonds or you will get profiled (no matter what the color of skin) as a looker not a buyer. Those ritzy shops HATE lookers. The sales lady did nothing wrong. Handing over extremely expensive merchandise just so someone can “see” it is a risk no salesperson is going to take since if anything happens to the item while the looker looks it comes out of the sales persons check. If Oprah had nonchalantly showed her VISA Black card in her current purse (you know damn well she has one) and hinted that she had high probability of making the purchase, the sales representative would probably had bent over backwards to make Oprah a happy customer. But no, it’s now somehow a big fuss and Oprah is pulling the race card. Tsk, tsk.

    • mse

      I gotta say that there’s nothing crazy about someone outside of the US would not know about Oprah. As surprising as it might seem, we Europeans are NOT watching US television talk shows – unless someone put it on YT and our favorite celebrity is in it. And yeah, it also depends what clothes were Oprah wearing, because if it didn’t scream ‘I’m filthy rich’ then it’s normal behaviour on the clerk’s end to some extent and it’s entirely possible that it had little to do with race. Just sayin’.

      • tiredofu

        Totally agree. This is just a low-blow publicity stunt by Moomoo Winfrey there that seems to coincide nicely with her new movie about slavery and racism.

      • Cassandra Hough

        Oh, I think Oprah can definitely be ridiculous- don’t get me wrong. I just personally think that even if she was dressed like a hobo, they still should have let her look at a bag that costs more than my life.

    • tiredofu

      If Oprah walked up to me I would not recognize her and I’m a US resident that has heard her name a million times.

      The jokingly used images with the article, a clip from the movie Pretty Woman, is probably exactly what happened. There are many shops with merchandise priced in the tens of thousands of dollars and if you aren’t dressed to impress with diamonds galore, they’ll snoot at you and do what they can to get you out of their store. This has nothing to do with racial profiling. This has to do with prejudice of social classes. Not racism.

      I personally am getting extremely tired of that word used. It’s in almost every “news” story lately. Drop it, people. Black, white, brown, yellow, red, nigger, honkey, spic, chink, featherheads… all of you… Drop it. Oh, did I say slurs? Whatever. Grow up and stop being the baby that gets feelings hurts over one or two syllables. I’ve been called everything in the book and then some and it does not effect me. I don’t cry to a reporter about it. I just smirk and move along. You’re hindering society by being hung up on trivial issues. Those who feel they were racially profiled at one point or another have nothing to whine about as the odds are quite high that the same person that feels a victim has also racially profiled another color at one time or another. Eh? Yeah. Shut up.

    • tagaly

      Oprah is so lucky to live in the states! Even though Western Europe seems more progressive than the U.S. sometimes and although we still have ample racism, it’s not as racially integrated as it is the most liberal parts of the U.S. I often wonder if we are all born predisposed to be close-minded and inclined towards people that are similar to ourselves because it fulfills our ego. Oprah receives an apology: http://tagaly.com/tags/oprah-encounters-a-racist-while-shopping-and-finally-gets-an-apology

    • Jack Laurie

      No doubt in my mind fat Oprah took a tiny little conversation and lied to make her look like a victim

    • initiant

      You should always hear the both side of the story, except democrats are involved. In this interview the ITALIAN saleswoman explained herself about the incident:

      Source translated by Google: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=de&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.schweizer-illustrierte.ch%2Fstars%2Fschweiz%2Foprah-winfrey-rassismus-vorwurf-zuerich-handtaschen-verkaeuferin-interview

      Original source: http://www.schweizer-illustrierte.ch/stars/schweiz/oprah-winfrey-rassismus-vorwurf-zuerich-handtaschen-verkaeuferin-interview

      I am so sick of the democrats playing the race card!!!

      • MCR

        I’m often amazed at the things Americans can turn into party politics.

    • MCR

      I read a more detailed account of this incident, and even from Oprah’s point of view, I see no evidence that race was a factor. The bag was $38K! Probably the first thing staff say when any customer asks about it is, “I should tell you, it’s very, very expensive,” to avoid wasting their time handing the item over with no chance of a sale. The customer can always say, “Thanks, but I’d still like to see it,” or alternately, “Jeez, what’s it made of, mermaid hair?” What’s offensive about that?
      Oprah took offence; but then, she also took offence when a department store refused to stay open after hours for her exclusive use. If anything relating to race has been established, it’s that there is no longer any colour barrier to becoming rich, entitled, arrogant and self-centred.

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