Proof That Steve Martin Tells Dad Jokes That Are Actually Funny

Steve Martin Conan August 6 2013 Here’s the thing about Steve Martin – he’s funny.  He’s legitimately funny without being stupid, vulgar, or snarky.  I sincerely hope his particular brand of comedy genius isn’t lost among our generation (aka the generation who spends money they don’t have to see a-holes like Dane Cook and Daniel Tosh), because he’s a master of his craft.  He always shows up to late-night shows with a planned bit and good material, which is exactly what he did last night on Conan (although a game of footsie was not involved.)

He and Conan decide that they’ve always wanted to be a part of a “running gag” on a late-night show, so Steve Martin declares he’s got the perfect gag- his very own “Top Ten List.”  Obviously this is a nod to fellow late-night host David Letterman, and it’s hilarious.  In fact, it’s the best cross-over I’ve ever seen, at least until the new Batman/Superman movie comes out. Steve Martin is smart.  Steve Martin is talented.  Steve Martin is your dad …if your dad was funny.

Think about it.  There’s a reason he’s been successful at making people of all ages laugh for decades.  Making fun of web videos and fat/poor/uneducated people can only take you so far and absolutely anyone can do that.  Frat-boy humor is only going to be popular for so long, and it’s such a limited brand of comedy.

Also, I don’t care if it was scripted beforehand—Conan’s face when he hears Steve say “Top Ten List” is absolutely priceless.  Enjoy.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      Wow, I was laughing since the very first sentence that he said. Love him!

      • Cassandra Hough

        He’s so great. I get excited every time I see that he’s going to be on a late-night show.

    • Jenni

      He’s also hilarious on Twitter. That’s just a fun fact I’ll throw out there.