Jennifer Lawrence And 9 Other Overrated Celebrities

Jennifer Lawrence at Cannes Film Festival 2013Happy birthday to Jennifer Lawrence, who turns — wait wait what? You mean to tell me that her twenty-third birthday isn’t for another nine days, on August 15th? Huh. That’s weird. Well I hope you can forgive my mistake, because we have what feels like a constant celebration of this young lady’s life going on, and sometimes I get confused. I guess I should explain what I mean by that. And I will, but I want you to brace yourselves, because it involves a controversial opinion — Jennifer Lawrence is overrated. GASP! SHOCK! GLASS SHATTERING.

That’s right! You heard me correctly! I’m not as obsessed with her as I guess I’m supposed to be. For one thing, I don’t think she should have won the Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook. I think that honor should have gone to Jessica Chastain for her mind-blowing work in Zero Dark Thirty because ohmygoddidyouseethatmovie. Silver Linings Playbook was an excellent movie, yeah, but if someone was going to win an Academy Award for it, it should’ve been Bradley Cooper. Just my opinion.

But it went to JLaw instead. Because America is OBSESSED WITH HER. She’s smart, she’s talented, she’s beautiful, she’s kind, she’s humble, and most importantly, she’s just like us in an unpolished, accessible sort of way, but is she really the best thing ever to grace modern media and the shining star which we all should follow across the Hollywood galaxy? Probably not.

She’s overrated, guys. She just is. Agree with me and admit it! She’s that really great song that you hear on the radio once and you’re like OH DAMN THIS IS MY JAM. And you hear it fifteen more times and every time you stop what you’re doing to shake your body around to it. And you even hear it twenty more times and you point your finger at someone and make a face like “Oh yes, this is it, we are living.” But then a couple months later it pops up on your gym mix and you’re like, “Ugh, shut up, I get it! You kissed a girl and you liked it. Why are you telling me about it?”

But I don’t want to act like JLaw is the only person suffering under this affliction. Here in the celebrity world, we’re stuffed to the gills with overrated celebrities, so don’t get it twisted. Just to prove my point, here are nine more famous folk that we all like a little more than we probably should.


Will Smith Eye Roll (via
The guy can’t even really sell a movie anymore, if you think about it. He’s only really good at saying weird stuff about his family and tongue-kissing his son Jaden on national televisionWe put him in pretty much every action film between 2000 and 2010, so maybe the tanking of After Earth makes a little more sense now, huh?


Anna Kendrick Sly Smile (via)
I guess the cat’s kind of out of the bag as far as my opnion on this one goes. Anna seems great, but I’d rather spend my time on someone who finds themselves a little less adorable. Plus, as one of our commenters pointed out, she’s been kind of coasting since Pitch Perfect came out, which you have to admit even if you do watch the ‘Cups’ video on loop.


Channing Tatum Confused(via)
Adorable dad and husband? Yes. Great dancer? Yes. Sexiest Man Alive? No. Actor? No. Let’s be reasonable.


Katy Perry Mustache(via)
Her songs are catchy, but only insofar as they are the exact same song with different lyrics and cupcake-based costumes superimposed on top of each other.


Ben Affleck Cigar (via)
I think I’d still be on board with him even he hadn’t pulled such a Kanye during Oscar season. “I’m real happy for you, Ang Lee, and I’ma let you finish, but Argo was one of the best movies of all time! Of all time! And I um…I directed that. Smooches to everyone, and my marriage is hard. I like my kids, though. Thank you speech completed.”


Emma Watson Nod (via)
I have loving feelings toward her left over from Harry Potter and her incredible pulling-off of that pixie cut, which will always inspire my awe, but let’s all agree to recognize that her more recent work is nae good enough to justify the hype.


Gerard Butler Serious (via)
In the category of Things Gerard Butler Is Good At, I think you’ll find most entries pertain to behaviors in and around women, while very few pertain to ‘being good at acting in movies and stuff’. Have your same body from 300 and keep your shirt off constantly or don’t bother showing up, Gerard. That’s how I feel about it.


Lady Gaga Whips Hair (via)
I am so pleased the day is finally here when Lady Gaga has jumped her own shark. That she was already wearing on her head.


Justin Bieber Abs (via)
I’m just waiting for the day when he decides to focus on the music like he always says he’s going to instead of focusing on writing my own Crushable articles for me. “Justin Bieber Pisses In Mop Bucket At Restaurant.” “Justin Bieber Abandons Monkey In Germany.” “Justin Bieber Attempts To Grow Mustache.” I could go on, but I won’t because I suspect I’m only encouraging him.

I don’t know about you guys, but that list inspired me to take a stand, just now. It’s too late for some of those (bucket-pissing) celebrities I just mentioned, as well it should be, but I don’t want it to be too late for Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s awesome, and I want to be able to keep on thinking that. Which is something I won’t do if I spend the next ten years seeing her play the gritty, layered, female lead in every single Oscar-bait movie. I already went through that with Keira Knightley in every period piece known to man and Dakota Fanning in every kid’s role known to man, and I don’t want to do it again. It was like there wasn’t a single other person on earth who could wear a corset or pass for eight.

JLaw is great, yes, but part of her charm is that she doesn’t think so, so let’s just get over it for a second and give her some space to mature in peace. She’s a great actor now and I think she’s destined to become a truly great actor later, but that’s only if we don’t circle jerk her to death in 2013. You wanna build a Meryl Streep and not a Julia Roberts, right? Yeah. So put it away, keep both hands on the table, and curb that obsession, even if it’s just the teeeeensiest bit. It’s for everybody’s own good, I promise.


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    • Tiffany

      Jennifer Lawrence is not that good actress imo, yet. She just won out of popularity, I think more and more people are realizing that everyday.

    • the truth

      How about Alexis Rhiannon most overrated of all time??
      Makes sense to me. You pull Will Smith out of your ass and say he’s overrated?????? AND BEYONCE???????
      You’re showing exactly who you are just looking at this list. Will Smith shouldn’t even be on this list. Or maybe you just don’t like to people with undeniable talent and ticket sales to prove it be successful? Those two names just jump out. They have NO PLACE on such a list.
      You’re truly showing who you are and what you are, “Alexis”.

    • Jacklyn

      I agree with your opinion about jennifer lawrence, yes, jessica chastain is way much better than jennifer. If you like her act you should see ‘ The Debt ‘. But come on, will smith? He is a pure amazing talented actor, you should watch ‘ I Am Legend ‘, i personally thinks that movie was his best. After earth was not good at all i agree too. In fact, justin should be on the first place, look at all his fans, damn theyre crazy for sure and i dont know what so good about JB, hes just a teenage boy who can sing thats all…

    • AJ

      Lawrence is perhaps the most overrated actress in film history (within Hollywood). I really could not believe that she got all those awards for SLP… award for acting – really?? All acting that movie really needed was for her to behave like a sweet girl in her early 20′s, which she anyway is. Last year’s best actress Oscar was an award for cuteness and a crime against Chastain whose Oscar is overdue.

      And I also agree with Affleck being overrated. In my view, Argo was not even among the top 5 movies of last year, and I strongly believe Affleck was rightly left out of the Oscar race for directing – he really did not deserve a directing nomination for that movie given the quality of other movies in the field.

      But doesn’t all this just speak of how our society values hype and advertizing more than quality, and how, in general, people in our society are easily led to quality judgements based on factors other than true quality.

    • Maheen

      I’m 14 and not as obsessed with Jennifer Laurence (I love “her” personality and jokes and stuff) as I’m supposed to be! She’s a good actress but…the maturity(she pulled off the christian bale-Jennifer Law. pairing in AH) she shows in her movies is kind of hard to believe, looking at the kind of person she is during her interviews and off-stage…(I mean is she that good an actress that she has a completely different personality on-stage than in real-life?) Second thing, it’s unbelievable how you have many of the right names on this list (usually impossible). Will Smith ( that movie is just…let’s just say i’m not a fan of the only-human-left-on-earth-must-survive-to-save-the-world genre), Channing Tatum (People call that hot? The only image that comes to my mind is his character in that first dance movie of his…where he’s this bald guy, with a flat-square pumpy body who lives in a rowdy neighbourhood) , Justin Bieber (No offence but…he actually sounds like a sissy boy… in his song boyfriend he’s like a perveted nerdy waspoid who’s never gotten laid..I never knew it was so hot in concerts that he just can’t put on a shirt?and umm….who wants to see his underwear all the time?) Sorry for the celebrity bashing, didn’t mean to offend anyone C:

      • Maheen

        but I have to point out that…JLaw is a genuinely good actress but it isn’t her fault that she’s overrated…actually it isn’t any celebrities until they start taking advantage of it (You can’t control how much people like you)

    • James Shelton

      This list is pretty honest,
      yet Will Smith deserves what he has earned.

    • Abednego Withers

      Your assertion that Bradley Cooper should have won an Oscar while Lawrence should not have, is, I think, ample demonstration of your lack of perceptive faculty. He is a truly limited performer, for an actor approaching 40. For a 23-year old, Lawrence has been consistently superb, way ahead of her age group. Way.

    • Concerned Parent

      So who’s underrated? You, Alexis Rhiannon? You’re just a lousy writer who spews her jealous hate on the Internet, instead of your diary where it belongs. Tearing these entertainers down won’t make you any taller.

    • Concerned Parent

      You removed my comment? You disgust me, Alexis Rhiannon.

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    • lapaditte

      “mind-blowing work in Zero Dark Thirty”

      I’m actually chuckling.

    • Sarah

      Who cares what’s overrated? Let people like whatever they want and move on. Life is short you know

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Same goes for you and this comment, no?