Amanda Bynes Is Reportedly Responding To Medication, Sorry Chelsea Handler

Amanda Bynes attending MTV Movie Awards June 2011In excellent news for Amanda Bynes and disappointing news for Chelsea Handler, Amanda is reportedly responding well to the medications she's been prescribed for her rumored schizophrenia. With an illness like schizophrenia, it typically takes doctors a while to determine an effective combination of anti-psychotics and dosages, because each patient reacts differently to the medications and has different requirements for treatment, so this is an ongoing process.

That's part of what makes it such a potentially debilitating disease, and makes proper medical care so important — because there's so much follow-up required to make sure that different drug cocktails are remaining effective from person to person. If they aren't, they need to be adjusted, so that the patient's standard of living can be kept as consistent as possible. It's an ongoing, intensive process, and it can get pretty overwhelming if you think about it.

Which is why it's such a great sign that Amanda is apparently reacting so well thus far. In the past three days, she's reportedly stopped a lot of the behaviors that had doctors so worried, including talking to herself and lashing out with insults at the people around her. Typically medications take about seven to ten days to really kick in, so we're not completely out of the woods yet, but Amanda has been encouragingly polite, saying 'please' and 'thank you', and showing no signs of violence.

This is all terrible news for Chelsea, who it seems like was really banking on Amanda and her 'crazy', 'freak' behavior being a substantial source of humor for her Chelsea Lately audience, given that she doesn't seem willing (or able? maybe both) to provide it herself. All I say is keep up the good work, Amanda. Progress like this is really encouraging.

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    • AStewart

      Thank you, please.

    • colleenwhalen

      Chelsea Handler has a tendency to be caustic, vitriolic and engages in horrific remarks against celebrities who have mental health disorders. Chelsea Handler needs to be EDUCATED about mental illness. Handler needs to cease and desist in “hate speech” against consumers of mental health services. If Chelsea Handler reads my post, I hope she will contact NAMI – National Alliance for Mental Illness – a non-profit advocacy organization which educates the public about all aspects of mental health issues. I have tremendous compassion for Amanda Bynes. Thank goodness, a proper diagnosis has been made and she can receive compassionate, holistic mental health treatment for her schizophrenia. Mental health is an illness, frequently genetically inheirited – just like cancer, heart disease or diabetes. There should be no societal shame, no stigma attached to mental illness. Chelsea Handler has a sadistic streak and I wonder if her anti-social comments might be indicative of Borderline Personality Disorder (?) I genuinely enjoy sharp, pithy, acerbic comedy of Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Lenny Bruce, Jon Stewart. There is nothing wrong with being a social critic as a comedian….this was what Mark Twain was so well known for….but to deliberately engage in “hate speech” against celebrities with mental illnesses is abhorent. Lindsey Lohan’s erratic behavior stems from Bipolar Illness. When Brittney Spears had her public “meltdown” she was eventually diagnosed as Bipolar…..Holy Cramoli – 90% of who is running Hollywood – the “A List” of the entertainment industry is bipolar….film director Tim Burton, Robin Williams, Carrie Fisher, rock stars Sting and Adam Ant – some of our finest actors are bipolar…Robert Downey Jr., Vivien Leigh, etc. In order to be a professional artist – there is something about the personality type which requires artists to be somewhat “cracked”. Artists aren’t like regular folks – there is something in their psyche which is more pourous – artists feel things more deeply – they are tapped into some sort of whirling, twirling, phosphorescent, flammable, feral neurological energy in their central nervous system which gives them visionary psychic “mojo”. That is part and parcel of the artistic process. My favorite poets are Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelly, Oscar Wilde – all of them were bipolar. Now getting back to Amanda Bynes…oh BIG DEAL that she is schizophrenic! Sir Isaac Newtown was schizophrenic. So was Vincent Van Gogh – Van Gogh also had bipolar episodes with schizophrenia. So if Amanda Bynes has FINALLY been properly diagnosed – this means she can get comprehensive treatment. There is no reason why she can’t be rehabilitated and go into remission – continue with her career. I think she is a highly talented actor and I wish to send a message to that vitriolic harpy Chelsea Handler that she can GO POUND SAND – GO BOIL AN EGG! Chelsea Handler is phenomenally ignorant about mental health issues and she should contact NAMI to educate herself. While I’m on that subject – I have an intuitive feeling that Chelsea Handler has Borderline Personality Disorder – she could greatly benefit by going to a Clinical Psychologist or Psychotherapist who specializes in their practice as a diagnostician to determine what exactly is wrong with Chelsea Handler – her addictive, compulsive, out of control need to enage in “Hate Speech” and her addiction to sadistic, savage character assassination, defamatory slander against so many celebrities. What is the source of Chelsea Handler’s vile campaign of trashing people? I do have genuine compassion for Chelsea Handler since her out of control behavior has burned a lot of bridges, she’s made so many enemies in the entertainment industry for “hate speech” campaign of hers. This demonstrates profound self-destructive behavior and I genuinely hope she can get the professional help, she so sorely needs.

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