Listen To Shailene Woodley Sing Her Morning Song, And Tell Me You’re Not Obsessed With Her

Shailene Woodley The Spectacular Now

Shailene Woodley is the newest gift that Hollywood’s given to us recently. And unlike most celebrity gifts who comes wrapped in PR-statements and stuffed with generic beauty tips, she’s comes covered in quirk and an extra set of toe shoes. Every time she opens her mouth, I want to hug her and hold her and keep her all for myself.  Like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and Anna Kendrick, there’s something so incredibly real about her. No one’s shape-shifting this young lady into a standard celebrity. No way, no how.

Shai recently went on The View to talk to the ladies about The Spectacular Nowwhich happens to be coming out next weekend. While I’m preparing to talk about the movie in depth next week (so much depth guys, I’m warning you in advance to grab your scuba gear), I will say now that you should see it. It’s a delight of a film and I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed watching teenagers make out with each other so much — in real life or in a movie or in a movie theater.

As you may or may not have heard in past interviews, Shailene has an interesting morning routine. It kicks off with some herbal remedies and ends with some morning music. Yep, she starts each and every day with a song that gets her pumped up and ready. And after watching her perform the song, I’m kinda pumped up myself. It’s not a shot of espresso, but it’s close to giving you that “oh helloooo there world” jolt that we all need in the AM.

It’s short, it’s simple and it’s surprisingly fun to watch her sing it. So click play, skip to 4:15 if you’re in a rush and prepare to fall in love.

(GIF: Tumblr)

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    • Olivia Wilson

      Wow, good for her. It’s such a drastic comparison to what my mornings are like, which involve hating myself and everyone else for like 10 minutes

    • mse

      I’m happy that Shailene is here to represent the nice quirky young adult population – with the awkward introverts (KStew), the hyperactive goofballs (JLaw), the cool funny girls (Emma Stone) and of course the polished inspirational young women (Emma Watson) already in line, I feel like Hollywood is slowly covering its bases and with good choices.

      Next up we’ll have a real life unicorn who quotes random Disney lines, that’s just natural progress.

    • JenFre

      OMG CANT STAND!!! Awful actress, that ABC family show was a trainwreck. And that nonsense about the “beautiful advice” JL gave her??? First of all it was via email, never spoke, and give me a break…dont do drugs or a sex tape LOL, JL I am sure was kidding. This sounds like a total PR stunt to link her name to someone everyone loves. What a phoney.

      • Jenni

        Before you hate on her, watch her movies! Secret Life was the worst show on TV (acting-wise and irresponsible-teen-sex-lessons-wise) and it’s a shame she got her start there, but I promise she’s so much better than that.

      • JenFre

        Something is still off with her. Trying too hard to be diff? Don’t know.

      • Jenni

        That’s why I like about her, I don’t think she’s trying to be a weirdo, she naturally is one.

    • Amy

      i don’t get the hype about her, sorry

    • Katanagatari

      I could listen to music by her all day long…

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