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The Royal Baby Is Here! And It’s A Boy!

Kate Middleton and Prince William 2012After beginning labor shortly after 6:00am local time, Kate Middleton, known in jolly old England as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has just given birth to a baby boy! Kate and Prince William were very clear on not wanting to know the sex of the baby until it got here, so you probably found out about this infant’s gender mere hours after they did! Doesn’t that make you feel like super special royalty? I hope so.

His Royal Highness, Prince Of Cambridge, who is now third in line to the throne, was born July 22nd, 2013 at 4:24pm local time, weighing eight pounds, six ounces. Which…is actually surprisingly chunky considering how minimal Kate’s baby bump seemed, up until the last minute. Or maybe she just stayed out of the public eye in a cottage somewhere with Prince William so she wouldn’t be subjected to the same scrutinty as people in America like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson. Pretty genius move.

We don’t know the name of the little prince yet, because the royal family has a long, drawn-out, ten-day process to go through before that information is revealed. It’s kind of like what they did with the whole easel at the gates of Buckingham Palace thing, which they used to announce the birth, along with a royal declaration signed by the doctors who delivered the baby. Seems like a lot of paperwork for a tiny ball of screaming diaper, but what do I know?

Regardless, that gives you ten days to pick a good name to put money on in  your office poll. Personally, I have my fingers crossed for ‘Harry Potter’, but I will also settle for ‘Shakespeare’ or ‘Abbey Road’, even though that last one is more of a girl’s name. Just as long as it’s extra Britishy, y’know?

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