• Tue, Jul 16 - 2:18 pm ET

The Taylor Swift Tinder Parody Is One Billion Times Better Than Actual Tinder

taylor swift tinder too funny or die parody

There are two things that everyone you know currently keeps secret: the amount of time they spend on Tinder and the amount of time they spend listening to Taylor Swift music. That’s just science. No two ways around it. You now what else can be explained by science? Your soon-to-be obsession with this Funny or Die parody that makes fun of Taylor Swift’s “22″ by making all the lyrics about Tinder. It’s catchy and it’s funny and it’s everything you look for in a Tuesday afternoon viral video. You can’t beat a song called “Tinder Too” that has lyrics like, “yeeaahhhh, it has an app that lets me search for users close by, it’s wonderful and magical and oh yeahhh.”

But twist, joke’s not just on Tay’s ridiculous lyrics here. It’s also on everyone who’s ever swiped right on the world hawtest new dating app. And everyone who knows someone who’s swiped right. It’s a joke that we can all be in on. Unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to have never heard of Tinder — the dating app that’s currently taken over 78% of my friends’ phones. It’s a blessing and it’s a curse and it’s making an OkCupid membership seem like the responsible and mature choice. Which, as anyone who’s ever gotten a message from a shirtless torso knows, is a scary thought.

Dating horror stories aside, this video’s a perfect way to procrastinate your day and I highly recommend that you get a start on that right now.

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  • Jill O’Rourke

    I appreciate any parody of the song that caused my existential 22-year-old crisis.

  • Justin Mateen

    the title of your article makes no sense. Did you mean to say the Taylor Swift Tinder parody is one billion times better than the actual 22?