Disney’s New Frozen Heroine Is White, Blonde And Thin, Which Is Nice For A Change

Anna Disney Frozen Kristen Bell

After years of seeing diversity becoming increasingly prominent in children’s movies, it’s nice to see Disney taking a stand and making their Frozen heroine white, blond and thin. Finally all the white, blonde and thin children will be able to identify with a movie character. And in case you’re worried that Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) will be the classic token thin, white character in the movie, Disney made the daring the move to throw in another one. She’s a snow queen named Elsa (voiced be Idina Menzel) who’s powerful enough to freeze the entire kingdom. Oh and twist, she’s Anna’s sister — so she also has a large part in the movie.

Elsa Frozen Disney Movie idina menzel

You see the two of them haven’t seen each other in ages because Elsa almost killed Anna when they were kids due to some Dumbledore-family-style shenanigans — and she therefore banished herself to the mountains until she could learn how to not kill people she loves. It’s a metaphor for your crazy cousin who stopped coming to Thanksgiving after she called your father a communist racist and threw an entire turkey at him in ’07.

Kristoff Disney Frozen

And fear not mothers of good-looking boys who are also looking for a character that their sons can relate to in the theater! I’d like to take the time now to introduce you to Kristoff and Hans! Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff) is a mountain man. Real hurly-burly and shit. Hans (voiced by Santino Fontana), on the other hand, lives in another kingdom…and certainly dresses like it. This is a guy who’s never walked into a Men’s Warehouse that he didn’t like. So we have all the bases covered when it comes to the two different types of men in the world. You know, the athletic guys and the well-dressed guys.

Hans Frozen Movie Disney

So yeah, this movie’s certainly a step in the right direction. Hopefully it does well enough in theaters to prove that there’s a place for thin, white heroines on the big screen. Sorry Merida, looks like you’ll have to take your progressive red curls elsewhere.

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    • Kulaline

      This movies just looks and sounds incredibly bland. Disney must be scraping the bottom-of-the-barrel now of fairy tales to mine stories from. lol.

    • PC aMuck

      So in the midst of your sarcastic rant you apparently forgot one thing…there’s nothing wrong with being white and thin.

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    • DarciaM

      I think you people are color blind, because Anna’s hair clearly has a tinge of red. Not to mention the freckles. She isn’t exactly perfect-skinned white goddess is what I’m saying (and for the record, she looks nothing like Rapunzel, unless we’re reverting too “all white people look the same” method of viewing people”). All this judging of a movies message by single screencaps is the reason Princess and the Frog didn’t explode the box office despite being one of the most progressive childrens films ever – because everyone decided if they liked it before it came out, and when they saw it, were too stubborn to change their minds.

      Give the movie a chance – it could very easily surprise you. Big difference between this story and most others – Anna isn’t just white, she’s Scandinavian (Norwegian, I believe). She has a distinct culture. Rapunzel was…white…from the mystical land of…place with castles. When you attach a distinct culture to someone, it automatically gives them more background and makes them more interesting. The two aren’t comparable. (For the record, Merida is a part of the Disney princess lineup but she is technically from Pixar so comparing the two is pointless).

    • Thiendrah

      Yes, you’re absolutely right. Being blonde and blue eyed makes a person evil, like the Nazi’s were, and thus there should be no movies about them. This is set in Scandinavia, broadly, so therefore the character should’ve been Mexican, because that makes more sense. It is weird, Disney actually keeping something from a story they’re adapting to a movie. After all, none of their other works were remotely correct. And since it is set in a cold place, everyone ought to be fat, since we all know food is plentiful up North.

      I like that fact that this movie hasn’t even come out yet, and these two princesses are
      already demonized for no other reason then having pale skin and blonde hair. No one protested when Merida was white or that Rapunzel was blonde. Or that they both had an all white cast. Or that the heroine and her mother were the only two prominent females in said cast. But now, Frozen is being vilified for all these things: being white, being blonde, having an all white cast, having a predominantly male cast, etc. There is even the idea that Anna is nothing more than Rapunzel with short hair, yes they look similar but look closely. Anna has chubby cheeks, a smaller mouth with wider lips, a button nose with small nostrils, bigger eyebrows, bigger and slightly more angular eyes, a more rounded chin. Rapunzel has a slimmer face and pointier chin, less obvious eyelashes, a very wide mouth with thin lips, very thin eyebrows, upturned nose with wide nostrils and very much blonde hair while Anna’s is strawberry blonde. People, its a kids movie. Take as the moral lesson about family that it is and leave the Politically Correct bullsh*t out of it. Disney is a company that is trying to make money, not promote racial diversity. The white princesses sell more merchandise then that non white princesses. They are simply following the money.

      Side note, why are people taking Disney seriously anyway? They’ve massively gone down hill in the last 10-15 years. They promote absolute crap like Miley Cyrus and Phineas and Ferb. They are a joke compared to what they were when I was a kid.

    • jeo*****

      You must be fat and ugly if your criticizing the characters. Would you rather them create charecters that are homely and overweight? What kind of message would that send. As far ad race goes I think if their going to choose one they should choose the race that most of the country can relate to.

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    • Mel

      Oh yeah so now Disney is never allowed to have another white character ever again. I mean, come on, they’ve had a black princess, a dark skinned gypsy, an asian princess, a middle eastern princess, red heads, girls with black hair, blonde hair brown hair. You’re overreacting

    • Bhaalspawn

      Holy Passive Aggressiveness Batman!

    • Emili

      Oh my GOD. NO ONE THINKS THAT ALL SCANDINAVIANS ARE BLONDE HAIR-BLUE EYED PEOPLE. Okay? Now that that’s out of the way, many Scandinavians do have those features. Over thousands of years people have slowly migrated to various places in the world and genes have changed based on the evolutionary necessity. Blonde hair and blue eyes are a gene mutation that originated in the North. But, obviously, not every single person inherited those genes so no, not every single person looks that way. However, you’ll probably notice more if you understand that blonde hair tends to get dark with age so adults get
      dark blonde hair confused with light brown. But blonde is still the least common hair color in the world and is a recessive trait. There is a much higher concentration of people with these natural traits in Northern Europe than the rest of the world. On top of that, this movie is set in the past – there was a much smaller range of races and nationalities living in one country before the 1900s.

      I am not blonde, blue eyed, or 100% white. There is nothing wrong with people from different areas looking different, it’s just the way genes work. Is Mulan racist because she has dark hair and Asian features? Ridiculous. Disney typically makes movies based on different fairy tales, this one is set in Scandinavia and has a blonde character. It makes sense! Stop trying to be so ridiculously politically correct.

    • ollie

      I think people are way over thinking these films. They’re for children. And this one in particular sends a nice message about love and the bonds of sisterhood. Little kids are not looking at the race of these characters, only adults would make such a stupid fuss for no reason.

    • Duke

      This article is pretty racist. Why should her complexion matter?

    • kirsty lungcayana hernandez

      i love hans but a hell……… ilove you hans

    • kirsty lungcayana hernandez

      i love story of frozen <3

    • Alvar

      Very good Disney movie! This is definitely one of my favourites. Snow, ice and cold weather is linked with fair, blond and light eyed people, right?. Elsa, Anna, Hans and Kristoff are all very good matched characters. I am from the Netherlands, where you will find a lot of blue/green eyed and blond people, just as in the other Germanic countries: (Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Iceland, Scotland)….one big Germanic happy family.

    • amanda

      Im just a little curious as when exactly ‘race’ became only a colour issue? Last I looked scandinavians were a race just as much as africans, indians or anyone else with a darker colour skin. White skin is still a colour and is still a race, so why do people always scream racist when actually they are colourists!