The Other Drake Continues On His Mission To Destroy Justin Bieber, Someone Grab The Popcorn

drake bell airport april 2013

While you spent yesterday trying to get Mr. Merriam-Webster to add “see Justin Bieber” under the word entitlement, Drake Bell took him out on Twitter. Again. Even though I’ve never seen the other Drake act in anything besides an old GIF of him and Amanda Bynes, he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite people in Hollywood. In fact, I would say he’s one witty tweet away from becoming Drake to me. Sorry Jimmy, I feel bad about the wheelchair and all, but maybe you’re the other Drake. Yeah, think about that for a second.

And then read Drake’s response to Bieber peeing in a mop bucket.

See what he did there in that tweetsult? Pulled in a classic “leave Britney alone” reference and then reminded us that Justin’s an overindulged little prick. Insult aside, it’s a clever tweet. Insult not aside, it’s a quality diss. The kind that I wished I could’ve pulled out in third grade when disses were really in. Want to know my old go-to? Okay, I will tell you then. Your momma is so fat that when she sits on the rainbow all the skittles come out. Boom. That one will get you a five minute time-out during recess. No questions asked. Also, I think looking back, I might be guilty of some fat shaming. Trust me, I hate my third grade self for it more than you ever could.

But enough about my guilt and more about Drake. Not only did he personally craft that tweetsult last night, but he also spent time retweeting other people’s hilarious tweets about The Bieber Piss Bucket Scandal of Summer 2013. While I’m usually not into celebrities taking each other down on Twitter, I’m all for making an exception when it comes to Bieber. He’s becoming quite the insufferable little brat and it seems like no one in his inner circle wants to stand up to him. The best they can do is call in Selena Gomez to babysat him when they take a night off from making sure he doesn’t light fireworks in the house or poop on the neighbor’s lawn.

So props to Drake for calling him out on his ridiculous bullshit. Maybe if a few other influential tweeneybopper celebrities do the same, the Beliebers might take note and they might stop worshipping a grown man who behaves like a baby.

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    • boywithbluehanger

      Bieber haters are so stupid. This is my confusion regarding “y’all”:

      Y’all ridicule this kid for years when he did nothing but find success for showing he can sing r&b/pop and become a teen star. Y’all post random-ass, mean-spirited, comments about him on totally unrelated webpages all throughout the interwebz. Then the moment you guys think he actually became a disrespectful asshole, all you bored haters act like it’s not your fault! lol Y’all created this little douchey monster that you can’t stand.

      • Name of A Person

        You lost me at “interwebz” seriously, who says that anymore? Ugh, I continued. you also said “haters”. Why don’t you go get a highschool education and comment back?

      • boywithbluehanger

        You must be new here. “Interwebz” and “haters” are colloquialisms. If they bother you so much to the point of not reading any further, then why feel the need to give me quasi-advice by responding? I think you just disagreed with me and found only critiquing my choice of wording as the closest thing to a valid response.

        By the way, “highschool” is also a colloquialism. “High school” is actually supposed to be phrased as two separate words. If you’re going to be a Word Nazi, perhaps you’d have more credence if you could get the simple things right. ;)

    • Klouise

      Boywithbluehanger, Nope! His fans created this monster by mollycoddling him. They make him think he’s special. Therefore he thinks he can behave like a top dick. It’s about time the teeny bopper fans realised he’s a 19 year old who behaves like a spoilt child.

      • boywithbluehanger

        But he wasn’t always like that. When he first came out for about a year or two, he was genuinely nice and taken aback whenever he got massively booed at ceremonies and received unwarranted negative feedback. His fans just treated him like any other fans of a celebrity.

        The only negative thing that stayed constant were a multitude of non-pop fans bashing him for his “crappy” music in various outlets where he wasn’t even a factor. Now, he’s become the douchey little snot that SO MANY are to him. If you knew that millions of people hated you when you were nothing but nice, you’d eventually become a prick too.

      • Klouise

        You clearly haven’t come across a Belieber? They’re wild and they make up any excuse for him. Therefore he will keep making mistake after mistake. Having haters is no excuse to behave like a prick. If you can’t handle the abuse don’t put yourself in the spotlight. And pissing in a mop bucket, really? And cursing out a former American president? It’s not acceptable behavior whatever. And people who defend this kind of behavior by blaming is ‘haters’ are just making it acceptable.

      • boywithbluehanger

        But like I said, BEFORE he ever did those things (’09-’11) he had a massive group of haters. And they all mostly claimed that they hated him mainly because “his music sucks” and because little girls are so obsessed with him. Two very stupid reasons to vehemently hate someone. :

        I think his ridiculously idiotic behavior now mostly stems from this attitude of “I don’t care about what people think of me. I am who I am.” which ultimately is the response from being hated so passionately back when he was simply a nice kid. People treated him like he was the scum of the earth before he ever was! And now he’s acting like it. And I tend think, that gigantic group of haters are definitely part to blame.

      • Unknown

        Yeah he WAS nice. And no, if you get cuddled and babied every time and being praised like some “god(by teenage girls),” you’d act however you want, knowing “oh, I got people who like worship me, I’d be protected by doing anything I want.” So if he does something, people bash on him, then his followers would protect him just like what he would think. Seriously, his ego has gone overhand ever since his fame has increased like slapping and disrespecting a fan in the Philippines. Like wtf? Who does that. Then people would say he’s rude and talk trash about Bieber. Then fans kick in with stupid reasons like “the fan was annoying him” “oh, he was just probably tired.” Just cause a lot of people hate you doesn’t mean you turn into that “I don’t care” type of person. Kristen Stewart? So many people hate her and her acting, but is she doing all the stupid stuff Bieber’s doing? No. She just hid. It was HIS OWN FAULT for being hated by so many more in the present. If he would’ve grown into a responsible, classy, good man, people would’ve probably stopped hating him and respecting him more. But he grown into the complete opposite and results of his “haterbase” increasing and being a large group.

      • me me me

        i dont agree its probably because of the haters that he became how he is right now if you are constantly hated when you’re actually a nice person then i just seems easier to stop being nice since if they think you’re bad anyway you’ll just be bad then why make an effort to be nice? plus being at the place that he is its always seems easier to pick up the wrong path you start hating people like that and you dont care anyomre