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Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: Fox And Friends Anchor Makes Toddler Cry

Kid hit in face on Fox & FriendsThis is Alexis Rhiannon coming to you live on location from her couch, in full unshowered regalia. You guys, I always thought I was the kind of person who could work from home and be totally professional about it, but instead I spent the day typing with on hand and eating delivery with the other, listening to Zimmerman trial coverage in the background. It’s safe to say I’ve been EXTREMELY productive.

Just to give you a few examples, I alerted the world to the bratty child epidemic being spearheaded by Suri Cruise, taught the backs of my knees how to sweat on command, and realized that the trailer for The Canyons is basically a minute and a half-long piece of evidence pointing to the fact that Lindsay Lohan is slowly transforming herself into a mannequin, in reverse of her critically-acclaimed movie Life Size. It’s been a very detective day, and I think we could all use a laugh or two. So let’s laugh or two.

Today’s funny video is an old reliable — toddlers getting hit (gently) in the face. It never fails to amuse. And it has the added bonus of a political bent, since this happened on Fox & Friends with anchor Brian Kilmeade. He has a guy on whose toddler is super good at making baskets, like super good, and he’s just standing there swooshing them and Brian is bantering through it, and just as the words, “You’re a machine! You’re a machine! How do we stop this?” pass his lips, he tosses the ball to the kid and it hits him in the face.

That’s how you stop it, Brian Kilmeade! Don’t you remember why you had this kid on the program in the first place? Because he’s a toddler who can make baskets. Which is impressive because toddlers have notoriously poor motor skills and this one’s don’t happen to include catching a ball / shielding his own face from impending doom. So he gets hit, obviously, and spends the remainder of the video howling into his dad’s shoulder BECAUSE HE IS A TODDLER as Brian Kilmeade vaguely apologizes but mostly not really. It’s worth a watch and a chuckle, if only at what a big dumb a-twat Brian is.

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