Willow Smith’s New Music Video Proves Whipping Your Hair Is Out, Faking A British Accent Is In

Willow Smith Summer Fling video

Once you're done wishing Jaden Smith a happy 15th birthday, I suggest you take a gander at his sister Willow Smith's new music video for her duo Melodic Chaotic's song "Summer Fling," which was released this weekend. And then after that (or during, if you're like me) I suggest you Google Willow Smith's age. Actually, I'll save you the trouble. She's 12. T-W-E-L-V-E. So before you even see the video, the song title "Summer Fling" should send up all kinds of flags reading "inappropriate." If Taylor Swift is in charge of making us feel like we've done the age 22 all wrong, I think Willow Smith must be in charge of doing that for the age 12. At age 12 the only summer flings I had existed in my head with various celebrities whose pictures I cut out of Tiger Beat. But beyond how weird it is that Willow is singing about having a "summer fling" with a young man who I'm pretty sure is too old for her (I'm bad at detecting kids' ages) while at a pool party attended by teenagers, can we talk about that British accent of hers?

Here I was thinking it was all the rage to whip my hair back and forth while informing everyone through song that this is what I'm doing, and now I'm starting to suspect that's not so cool any more. And for reasons other than the fact that I was banned from that restaurant because I "got hair in the other guests' food." Is speaking in a British accent the new thing to do? If you happen to already be British, congratulations, you're already cool. If you're not British, you might want to hire a dialect coach. Perhaps the one Taylor Swift used to help her accurately mock Harry Styles at the Grammys.

When a song involves talking, it already makes me highly uncomfortable. Sorry to bring up Taylor Swift for the third time in this post, but just to give you an example, her monologue at the beginning of her "I Knew You Were Trouble" video gave me nightmares. Hearing someone recite a speech and try to sound natural when I was expecting them to just sing to me makes me highly uncomfortable. Add in a British accent that I know Willow Smith does not naturally possess, and I just can't.

The video also features cameos from brother Jaden and a blonde wig, which Willow is kind enough to describe in the song by singing, "Got long hair but then short sides." In other words, the hairstyle I gave my Barbie doll when I was four years old. She also holds a sparkler at one point without any adult supervision. I'm sorry, I think I need to go lie down and recover from this experience. Cheerio!

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    • Reese

      1. Mini Rihanna much
      2. Blonde wig aka Nicki Minaj.
      3 Fake British accent ala Britney Spears

      The song is cute but, yeah, pretty age inappropriate.

      Willow is all gimmick I guess

    • MammaSweetpea

      What the actual f*%K is this? This is all kinds of so not right. The wig is awful, the accent should never have been attempted. And yeh, the ‘summer fling’ this is making me twitch. I’ve got two daughters 11 and 10 who I’d lock away if some 15 year old lookin kid came anywhere near them. I’m starting to wonder if this child has any parents, and if she has, have they paid any attention to what has become of Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears et al.

    • Ria

      Sounds like momma and papa Smith need to learn how to say “NO Willow, you may not”. I guess they’re okay with her being a has been by age 17.

    • Bee

      Okay I know for a FACT that I’m about the same age as majority of those people in that video…actually I’m a hint younger…and I’m 19. What 20 yr old willingly hangs out with a 12 yr old at a pool party unless they’re babysitting, and what parents allow that anyway???

    • Towanda Savage

      Overall its a pretty song … Willow is covered I think most of us had a boy we liked at that age… over at your cousins house or grandparents it is still innocence but we do it anyway… could mean holding hands, or just being there together.. I love the fact that she whipped out an accent she will be 13 soon girls start liking boys at that age most some are simpler and do not I would say 80% notice boys at this age and they notice them and often times there is a couple of years give or take the boy 13 or 14 the girl 121/2again keeping it innocent.. talking holding hands and playing around not to mention you have 2 older brothers somewhere lurking often…

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