Kris Jenner Speaks Of Her New Granddaughter In The Same Way One Might Speak Of Their Neighbor’s Pet Dog

Kris Jenner

If there’s one thing grandmas are good for, it’s endless gushing about their grandchildren and all of their accomplishments, even if their only accomplishment is having just been born two weeks ago.  Well, most grandmas aren’t Kris Jennerwho spoke to People magazine this weekend about her granddaughter North in the same way I describe my second cousin’s children or my next-door neighbor’s new dog: ”She’s just great, but she’s only a little over a week old, so she’s getting adjusted.”

Adjusted?  To what?  The puppy crate she’ll be sleeping in for the first year, or the multi-million dollar surroundings?  It’s kind of crazy, but I really can’t tell.  She sounds so removed and awkward about it, and I’m pretty sure She Who Must Not Be Named  and Kimye all live with her, which brings this awkwardness to a whole new level.  When asked about the baby’s nickname, Kris says:  ”It’s a little early for me to predict, because we’re just getting used to her.  We’re just getting used to each other, so we’ll see what happens.”

Okay, Kris, we get it.  You’ve probably only been permitted to see this kid like one or two times, tops.  But you spend so much of your life making your family seem amazingly perfect, you’d think you’d be a little better at pretending to be #1 Grandma. I’m not a super sappy person, but I can think of plenty of things that would be harder to “get used to” than a teensy little baby.  Like swallowing two tablespoons of Robitussin, for example.  I’m still not good at it and I’m 27 years old.  Or getting cavities drilled.  Or my new neighbors who have clearly starred on Hoarders at some point and hold family bonfires on an old charcoal grill while sitting on Archie Bunker-ish recliners on the front porch.  That definitely takes some adjusting.  Your brand new granddaughter?  When you have six kids and two grandchildren already?  Eh, not so much.

Regardless, I now have a legitimate reason to tune into Kris Jenner’s talk show when Nori/North/Noldemort makes her debut.

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    • Mguzman

      Has anyone ever seen Kris being a grandma to Kourtney’s two kids? She doesn’t seem to be an on-hands one so maybe Kim’s baby is just another member of the family to feed.

      • irvinelady

        She didn’t want to raise her two youngest daughters so she left that to Bruce. What makes us think she would actually be interested in being around her grandchildren. Also, we don’t see her out and about with her other two grandchildren either. Hmmm?

    • Diane L.

      Who gives a hoot about Kris Jennings? What is the fascination with this bottom feeding family? Where can one go to not hear/see/read about this family? When will these people go away? Why is she getting a show? I choose not to watch, I also choose not to waste any more time on this subject. Turn off the Kardashians and live your own life to the fullest!

    • cjklepper

      Reason, she’s not gushing or whatever? The BABY is UGLY!! Do people gush over ugly babies? NO!! Ugly dog, maybe.

      • Justin_Igger

        Well it’s a n1gger…. being ugly is the least of its problems now lol, it’s not even human.

    • irvinelady

      You now have a “legitimate reason to tune in…”. Really? Why?

    • Debbie

      Well I understand Kim has made the family sign papers that they will not discuss anything about the baby! No lawsuits there!!

    • govskeptic

      Does this come as a surprise to anyone living a real life? After all we’re talking
      about a Reality Show Super Babe.

    • Chablis

      Whay happened to her nose ? Yikes !!!

      • Lauren

        I didn’t notice it until reading the comments. Lol, did her makeup people not see the terrible nose she has? You can’t make it pretty with makeup! lolz

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    • vansweringen6

      Crap usually sinks, why does it keep floating with this tribe?

      • beyondliberal

        Fat makes it float.

    • rambp

      Her nose is starting to look more like Michael Jacksons? WTF happened to it? Enough plastic surgery already… give it a rest!

    • vansweringen6

      I think they should call her KIMBO, sounds reasonable considering the circumstances.

    • Double Standards

      She has an ape grand daughter. Stuff a banana in its mouth.

      • Justin_Igger

        Make it like an apple, and hang it from a tree, do the entire world a favor.

    • Mo Gibsmedats

      How long before the little ape steals something? WTF is up with these nasty mudsharks? No wonder Armenia made the filthy gypsy coal burners leave.

    • Justin_Igger

      Poor woman…her family lineage has de-evolved from human beings into mindless, overgrown ape n1ggers…I feel bad for her.

    • ojchimpson

      Maybe that human has come to her senses. NlGGERS are a scourge on humanity, I wouldn’t want a little monklet in my house, either. It belongs in a cage at a zoo showing NlGGERS in their natural habitats.

    • VL123

      She doesn’t wanna change the niglet’s diaper.

    • Sandbrn

      This has hands down got to be the stupidest article that I have ever had the misfortune of reading. She didn’t gush enough so now the kid is on par with a dog??????

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Well at least you understood it!

    • Caro

      I absolutely abhore this woman. Besides being an uneducated fame whore, she has no concept of being a good parent. Can’t wait till the plug is pulled on her talk show and her other disgusting family show.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I have a question — do you like Kris Jenner?

    • Lauren

      That was strange and awkward.

    • Sherron Teal

      She could care less about her grand children, unless they can make her some money! have you ever seen her out with the grand kids by herself? No you haven’t and you never well!