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Shhh, Let’s All Listen To Amy Poehler Explaining The Importance Of Quiet

Ask Amy Poehler Quiet video June 2013

If anyone ever questions whether Amy Poehler is the absolute best, be sure to direct them to her Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls YouTube page and tell them to watch one of her “Ask Amy” videos. Any of them, their pick. If they don’t agree that Amy is a glowing goddess of wonderfulness, you could have a sociopath on your hands. I’m no Dr. Phil, so don’t take my word for it, but let’s just say you might want to check out some psychology books from the library and do a little recon. Because even if you can’t directly relate to the topics Amy gives advice about (which is unlikely since we’re all just awkward middle-schoolers trapped in adult bodies), it should at least make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see one of the funniest ladies in the world give advice in a serious, compassionate manner. She’s no Ask Ashley, if you know what I mean.

The latest “Ask Amy” video deals with the issue of quiet, so shhh, let’s all be quiet and listen to it. A viewer wrote in to explain that she sometimes has a bad day at school and likes to be quiet during lunch to deal with it, but her friends get annoyed with her. I personally relate to this episode because I also appreciate a little quiet. Growing up it was always, “You’re so quiet, Jill! Why don’t you ever talk about pointless things at the lunch table?!” And I’d be all, “Leave me alone, I’m eating my Dunkaroos right now!” I still appreciate quiet time to this day. How else am I supposed to hear what the characters are saying in my eight-hour Netflix marathons? My vocal silence probably contributes to my burning desire to furiously type out my opinions about Justin Bieber, etc., for the world to read.

But back to Amy. She gives her usual wise advice, explaining that sometimes it’s important, in our loud society, to just be silent and gather ourselves. And Amy isn’t all talk and no action. In the middle of the video she practices 15 seconds of silence. And shame on you if you skip ahead 15 seconds in the video, because 15 seconds of silence with Amy Poehler is a gift no one should take lightly.

Where can I buy a mini Amy Poehler to sit on my shoulder all day giving me advice? Is somebody working on that? That should really take priority over the cronut. Just saying.

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  • Jenni

    How does she deliver every single episode? It’s amazing and I want to go to there.