Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Are Co-Stars, But Maybe Also Co-Lovers

Jennifer Lawrence Nicholas Hoult dating 2012

This photo is over a year old, so don’t get any ideas…

Looks like Cupid’s shooting some belated arrows this year on the X-Men: Days of Future Past Set because Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are hanging out a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I would say take your normal amount of hanging out, times it by a googalplex and you’re close to how much they’re hanging out.  Maybe it’s because they’re co-workers and that’s how it works. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because they’re rekindling their old relationship. That would be very days of future past if you know what I mean.

While part of me just wants to think that they’re hanging out together a lot because they literally work together, another part of me read what this source from Us Weekly had to say and proceeded to feel my heart do 6 consecutive cartwheels and one round-off.

One insider tells Us the two “always eat lunch together.” And earlier this month, on June 2, Hoult joined the Silver Linings Playbook Oscar winner and her family on a stroll around Montreal, where X-Men is being filmed.

Not only do they always eat lunch together, but they also strolled together. Call me old-fashioned, but I think a stroll goes a long ways these days when it comes to building a strong relationship. When I think about all my friends who are in healthy relationships, I can’t help but note they all started with a stroll. In Montreal. Which is odd because none of them live there and that’s quite a ways to go for a stroll, but I guess love knows no need for Google mapping something before you head off. Or so I read once in a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Are they back together? Only time (and a magazine cover revealing stolen kisses behind a leafy wall) will tell. For now all we can do is hope and pray and picture them sharing one long strand of spaghetti lady-and-the-tramp style every day for lunch.

(Photo: Gaz Shirley,

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    • Olivia Wilson

      A Montreal stroll can also be simulated by walking next to someone while eating a macaron. It’s a really good way to force someone into an unbreakable relationship with you (I’m not speaking from experience, of course).

    • smoof

      if they were getting back together again why would they keep it a secret? they’d just confirm it–were public about their relationship for 2 years and about their break up–seems wunlikely they’d all of sudden get secretive, unless one is already dating someone else (ryan gosling….) and they want deniability…or they’re beards for each other keep prying eyes off one or the other’s real relationship (ryan gosling…). plus, when has jennifer lawrence ever been discrete about anything? girl can’t keep her mouth shut even when it’s super inappropriate not to, and flips people off at the academy awards…it’s not like she’s super classy or anything…if they were back together, she’d probably have already gushed some really TMI comment about it with as many cameras around her as possible.

      • mse

        Honey, they WERE private about their relationship for about 2 years. It was not long before their break-up that they actually started confirming that they are in fact together.

        Please shut up.

    • mdm4

      Well, they certainly make a cute couple…even if they are just friends, they seem to be very mature about their relationship..