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Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: Improv Everywhere’s 1860s Bar

Improv Everywhere prank 1860s bar screenshotHappy Monday, everybody. Are we all super duper enjoying ourselves? As I recall from popular societal parlance, today is everyone’s favorite day of the week, so I imagine you must all have lots of stories to tell! The wonderful thing about Mondays is that they almost never end, so you must’ve been pretty surprised when 5:00 rolled around. I know I was! I was like, “But golly gee whilickers, I was just having the best time sitting here at my desk! What do you mean it’s time to go home? Surely there must be some kind of mistake!” But it wasn’t a mistake at all, turns out. Turns out that this magical day full of truth and beauty really is coming to an end, as tragic as that sounds. You all have to go home to your comfortable beds and your warm dinners now. I’m really sorry.

But before you leave! One last thing to give you an excuse to cling to your desk for just another moment. Today’s funny video comes hot off the presses from Improv Everywhere. This time, they took a random bar in Brooklyn and transformed it into an 1860s establishment. In the words of Charlie Todd:

We surprised random people by turning back the clock 150 years at a local bar, completely transforming it into 1860s New York. Full story: http://improveverywhere.com/

The event was in collaboration with the new BBC series Copper, and they really went whole-hog with the theme. The beers were twelve cents, you only had two choices, and the whole bar was lit with kerosene lamps and candles. Oh and beards! Beards galore! Beards that would make your hair curl! Also wenches and a bar fight, but I don’t want to ruin it, cause you should watch it yourself. OH THE MELODRAMA!

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