Live, Laugh, Links: Guiliana Rancic Is Ready For Baby #2 But Bill Will Obv Always Be Her #1

• How Miranda Kerr was feeling as she was being forced to pose in grey granny panties on the cover of Vogue. (Betty Confidential)

• Hanging around a barbershop certainly has its rewards, like learning all of these things about guys. Also, I hear they usually have pretty good TV. (The Frisky)

• Guiliana Rancic wants another baby but her hubby, Bill Rancic, shouldn’t worry. He’ll *always* be her number one, before her kids and everything. (Your Tango)

• Angelina Jolie is slammed by Melissa Etheridge for her choice to get a mastectomy because how dare she consider her future health and ability to be there for her family! Shame on you, Ang. (ET Online)

• Remember when it was fashionable to wear very low-rise jeans with a very high-rise thong, giving middle school principals headaches all across the country? Here are 9 other early ’00s trends that, like the visible thong, shouldn’t have happend. (Gurl)

• Avril Haines, one of the CIA’s new bosses held erotica readings at a bookstore with her husband and, of course, the internet is in love with this piece of info. (Ok Gorgeous)

• Finally, a guide to decoding a guy’s text messages. Now all I need is a guide to not scaring away all of them and I’ll be golden! (The College Crush)

• 5 great novels that will mess with your mind and make you forget that you’re reading a book and not experiencing it all in your real life. (Flavorwire)

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    • OmTare

      Actually Ann’s comments regarding Jolie’s double mastectomy are astute. She points out correctly that genes alone do not determine our ultimate expression, but rather, our internal and external environment play an important role in our health. As a person in the healing profession I believe Jolie’s choice was a foolish one and improperly lauded. As one scholar remarked, “If we kill ourselves today, the chance to die in the future reduces to zero.” I’m glad Ann spoke out and tried to inject some wisdom to the public, who have become woefully misguided by Jolie to believe lopping off breasts is a recommended option for those with the BRCA1 gene

      • JLH1986

        I assume that Jolie discussed her options ad nauseum with her doctors. Since her life is based around her figure and what not I would also guess she didn’t just wake up and say hey lets “lop” off a breast today! WOOO! At no point did she say women should make the choice she did. What she said was please make this testing more affordable so people can be tested and have more options available to them than “hey you have cancer, so chemo/radiation or death!”. Also it’s MELISSA Etheridge.