Kanye West Is Totally Cool With Yeezus Leaking, Must Be Saving Up His Rants

Kanye West Las Vegas December 2012

Is Kanye West saving up his rants for one big mega-rant or something? Does he have a rant piggy bank at home? Can we expect some sort of days-long tirade broadcast on every major network just featuring him sitting in a chair facing the camera and comparing himself to even more religious and historical figures than he already has? That must be it, right? Why else would he avoid his favorite pastime when he had such a perfect opportunity for it this week?

You might be aware that Kanye’s new album Yeezus – the one where he says he’s a deity — was leaked in full before its scheduled release this Tuesday June 18. You might even be listening to it right now; I don’t know your life. The extent of my Yeezus experience has involved reading the most buzzed-about lyrics (“HURRY UP WITH MY DAMN CROISSANTS” is my new motto), but one thing I just assumed was that Kanye would jump at the opportunity to be publicly outraged by the whole thing. However, apparently Kanye’s totally cool with the leak, even though his record label is taking the expected measures to find the perpetrator, according to TMZ.

Even though Kanye hasn’t displayed any outrage over the album getting out, he did express his don’t-care attitude earlier this week at the album listening party, where, according to Mashable, he took the mic (of course) and said, “This album is all about giving. This whole process is all about giving no f*cks at all.” So he got the requisite F-bombs in, and he technically did “pull a Kanye,” but it was pretty tame for him. Apparently, however, even the label was okay with people recording the tracks ahead of time.

According to Mashable, this goes against Kanye’s previous policies, which involved many precautionary measures to prevent a leak. And even this album has been shrouded in some mystery. Still, I guess if Kanye really does want to appear to be all about the music, and doesn’t care how many copies he sells, this nonchalant approach really goes along with that. Plus it can’t hurt that everyone’s talking about the album now. I’ve just come to expect my daily Kanye rant, and there seemed to be a big neon sign over the album leak saying “RANT HERE!” Eh, the weekend is young.

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