Will Smith Gets To First Base With Jaden On TV And In Related News, I Need To Go Bleach My Brain

Will Smith Kisses Jaden Smith Thai TV Interview

I’ve made a big mistake this morning and now I want you to do it too. Please watch this horribly uncomfortable video of Will Smith forcibly kissing his teenage son Jaden Smith during an interview for no discernible reason. Then please join me as I try to re-enact the plot of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and erase this memory immediately. What, why, huh, who, child services?

Before you ruin your day, let me tell you a little bit about this interview. Will and Jaden are currently in Thailand promoting their father-son film After Earth. As we’ve seen throughout this entire press tour, Will Smith’s currently working on a new role called behaving like an insane person. While we always knew that his Scientology membership entitled him to a season pass on the crazy train, we never quite realized just how wacky he was until a few weeks ago.  We’re left wondering if we totally missed all the signs or he just recently decided to find the nearest swimming pool and go off the deep end.

Regardless of the answer, he’s clearly forgotten what’s cool and what’s not cool in the world of living, breathing human beings. Here’s what’s cool: performing the Fresh Prince theme song because you’re aware that nothing gets our nostalgia engines going like a shout out to West Philadelphia. Here’s what’s not cool: kissing your son with an open mouth during a TV interview while he resists you. But you know what, that’s just my personal opinion. You should watch the video below (skip to 4:40ish) and come up with your own thoughts on what went down on The Woody Show.

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    • Guest

      And I thought Tom Cruise jumping on sofa in Oprah show was fucking weird.

      • Jenni

        This is a new level of weirdness. I still don’t know what to do with it.

      • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

        What’s weird is that anyone still remembers it and forgets the really important things. Like Assange imprisoned in the Ecuadorean Embassy for 2 years now to avoid extradition to the US for telling on them. Yaaay Katnis for revealing this shit in Hunger Games. JL has adopted Katnis’s coolness and integrity.

      • Joseph Kool

        The coward rapist Assange can rot in hell. I have no idea who Yaaay Katnis is but he sounds like a buttfucking homo

    • MCR

      I can see it was meant to be a goofy, just-fooling-around joke, but it was a borderline creepy joke, and one the kid didn’t want to participate in.

      You know, every time some actor convinces me he’s saner, nicer, or more of a regular person than other stars, something like this turns up. I’m inclined to avoid reading news about celebrities I actually like, because I’m bound to find out something disturbing about them.

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      Different generations I guess. My relatives used to do that to me when I was a kid. Force kissing. I hated it. No big deal tho. Everyone has become so fake with morality – particularly sexual – issues and so indifferent to serious ethical issues of our government: Wiki Leaks; Snowden; Manning, etc. All this sex stuff is what is called a “specular” incident to mask the real integrity issues people should be concerned about. This was the entire theme of The Hunger Games. The Games were the SPECTACLE to mask the totalitarian dictatorship of the government. Panem was a mask for the US and the affluent Western World and the Districts were masks for Third World Countries. And all the tabloids, – yes et tu jenni – are media handmaids of govt corruption. Somebody read/and/or see CLOUD ATLAS to get cool.

      • Hayward

        I think it’s ok to be upset by either and all these issues you raise. I’m just as concerned and action focused towards world issues, while being disgusted by adults force “mouth open in one video of his” kissing children. It’s not ok, just as the injustice of our political and monetary systems aren’t ok. Personally , I believe with all my heart and intuition that wikileaks, snowden, anonymous etc are all symbols of false hope, but there intentionally by the same people they claim to expose. Think about it, what happens when they turn off the internet ? when they disconnect all that data from us ? Where is that information then? They’re not as stupid as we think they are, they are actually playing on people like you, people who think they know so much , yet you know very little. You’ve formed an opinion, just like every one else, but yours is the right one , because ?

      • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

        I agree. We get outta hand and it’s martial law.

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    • tgirl

      omg.. chill out.. he’s just being goofy. he’s just teasing his kid.

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    • Nubian

      Much ado about nothing…seriously! It was a joke, obviously an ongoing joke, and even though I really don’t agree with some of the “parenting” techniques (or lack-thereof) that the Smiths have chosen to publicize, this here is truly NO big deal…

    • Hayward

      I watched this video about an hour ago and up until that point I had a lot of admiration and respect for Will Smith. But this was nothing short of disgusting and it bordered on child abuse imho. I have a 15 year old son and we’re always joking around with the “give me a hug” thing, but I never push it and I certainly wouldn’t consider kissing him on the mouth, wtf is Will Smith even thinking? I used to miss my son on the cheek and forehead when he was little, but when he grew older he wanted me to stop doing it, so i respected his wishes. If Will Smith did that anyone else he’d held for sexual assault charges, you don’t grab someones face and force your mouth onto theirs. There are other video interviews where he tries this shit with his son , so if anyone still thinks this is cool or just ” a joke ” then think again, this is sinister and probably has an even darker secret side to it. Will Smith just lost his place in my book of respected people. Is he secretly gay maybe? taking his pent up sexual frustrations out on his son? I’ll give it another 5-10 years before a scandal is announced , probably something relating to child sex abuse maybe… Just my opinion!

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