• Wed, Jun 12 - 12:48 pm ET

The First Diana Trailer Is Perfect For People Who Love Princesses, But Hate Words

Princess Diana Naomi Watts first trailerAfter ages of waiting around get a glimpse of the highly anticipated Diana movie, we finally get a sneak peek in a trailer so short that you have to wonder if it wears lifts at red carpet premieres. Truth be told, the closet connection I had to Princess Diana involved my yearlong quest to get my hands on that extremely rare and coveted beanie baby. Other than that, my only other memory of her life comes from a sleepover I was on in 4th grade. I remember waking up, going downstairs and seeing my friend’s mom crying as she watched the funeral.  Only two things made me super uncomfortable in 4th grade: my friends finding out that I read books optionally and grown adults crying. So I’m pretty sure I called my mom right away and demanded that she pick me up.

I know I’m being super disrespectful here, it’s just that I never really experienced the Princess Diana phenomenon. So while I trust that Naomi Watts will do a fantastic job portraying her (and likely put herself up for a few awards), I can’t say that I’m sitting around on the edge of my seat to see this movie. This new trailer didn’t really do anything to change that. But I suppose that’s because it’s not really a trailer as much as it is a wisp in the wind.

Seriously I’ve had dreams that enlightened me more. But such is the way of the world now that movies don’t usually debut until after we see the first stills, a teaser GIF, a trailer for a trailer — and finally an extended trailer that’s approximately 3/4 as long as the movie itself. Oh and don’t bother plugging in your headphones and blasting the sound — there are no words in this sneak peek. Enjoy!

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