Dear Crushable Readers: Help Us Help You Like Us More

Dog TypingHellllooooo loyal readers,

Thank you for joining us here in this interactive post! We’re assuming you clicked this because you love Crushable. Or because you hate-read Crushable and have been looking for an opportunity just like this one to tell us everything that’s wrong with us. Either way, I’m thrilled that you’re still reading this and that you’re willing to take the time to work on our relationship.

We’d hate to think that everything’s going swimmingly and then wake up one day and realize that we’re Amy Poehler and you’re Will Arnett and that it hasn’t been working out for quite some time despite the fact that everyone believed in us. No instead we’d like to be the Beyonce to your Jay-Z. Also we’d like to be in the Illuminati, but that’s a feedback post for another site we run that we can’t legally talk about here.

So let’s cut to the chase and stop wasting any more of your valuable celeb-reading time — we want to know what we can be doing better. Is there a show we should be recapping? A celebrity we should be stalking? A celebrity we need to stop stalking? How do you feel about lists? GIFS? Photo galleries? And most importantly, how can we convince you to comment more?

We’re obsessed with each and every one of you (in the least creepy way) and we want to know how to make your Crushable experience perfect. So let us know in the comments. Please?

Love always,

The Crushable Staff 

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    • Katy Hearne

      You guys (all of you) are my soulmates & I love this site. The fact that Amy Poehler gets mentioned on the daily is awesome & my own personal emails are littered- littered I tell you- with pictures just like that one up there (dogs doing people things is the best). Seriously, I get so stoked when y’all respond to my comments so that’s awesome.
      I know The Gloss is kind of the fashion one for the sister sites, but I bet some your ladies would have some awesome things to say about Fashion Disasters!

      • Jenni

        Thank you so much for making our first comment so nice! I was preparing for a “we think you’re great, but change these 25 things and get a nose job” type comment to be our first one. Speaking on behalf of everyone here, we’re always happy when we see your comments because we know they’re going to be good. And we’ll try to throw some fashion disasters in the mix soon!

    • MCR

      I’m only an occasional reader, so my input is worth only about 2/5 as much as the average person here. I pop in when there’s a story which is weird, aggravating, controversial or interesting enough to make me look at entertainment news. I come here because I can expect humour and a fresh perspective, in that order, with edge but no out and out cruelty. That’s what I come here for.

      I’m not interested in fashion coverage and would avoid “fashion disaster” stories, for what it’s worth. As far as I’m concerned, it’s nothing but high school girls sneering at a classmate’s cheap WalMart sweater, only with older women and more expensive clothes. Unless it involved an actor wearing a White Supremacy tee shirt to church or something, I’d never read it.
      “…how can we get you to comment more?” I’d have commented more often if I thought that was wanted. I figured you’d rather have fewer comments from regular readers. I also don’t know the majority of the people you write about, in which case I obviously keep quiet.
      I’d like you to turn your wit on the gossip/paparazzi system itself sometimes, likewise on the film and television industries, instead of only on the celebrities themselves.
      Thanks for asking.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        We love comments on any and all posts! We love hearing from people!

        Also really glad to hear that the ‘no out and out cruelty’ thing is landing. We like nonsense much more than we like cutting people down for no reason, so I’m happy to hear that that’s coming across!

        And it’s interesting to hear you say you’d like a little more commentary on the system itself sometimes. There are a lot of occasions where we’ve talked about stuff like that in the office but then decided it might not be something that readers were interested in — so next time we’ll go with our guts and see what happens!

        Thanks so much for the feedback, we look forward to hearing more from you! I mean, if you wanna.

      • Katy Hearne

        I see what you mean, but I just wanted to chime in that I didn’t mean like “omg- what is she wearing? she’s so ugly”. I mean more stories about like “So, Tilda Swinton wore MC Hammer pants & Mariachi hat & brought a monkey to the SAG awards last night” type disasters. But, like I said, I can get that elsewhere too…

      • MCR

        I meant no criticism, and I’m not absolute about it. It would be fine if the right approach were taken. Clothing can be used to make a statement, and often is used that way by celebrities, and if we can criticize verbal statements I suppose we can criticize sartorial ones too. I assume we can trust the staff here to avoid the pitfalls.

    • Samantha_Escobar

      Moar dawg GIFS. More tramp…olines.

      • Jenni

        Go back to The Glosssss. Or wherever it is that you work. I don’t know. I’m not a mind reader.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Well I’m not a reader AT ALL of this high-key classless Coachella weekend of a blog.

      • Jenni

        Sam, Ashley told us everything. We know you can’t read. At all. Personally I think it’s super brave that you still went for your dreams of writing online despite being illiterate.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        wetr;lakjrelkjrlekjrelrj :(


    • jenver

      I read your blog daily, though I think I am probably much older than your target audience (but only five years older than Amy Poehler so maybe I’m still okay?). I would comment much more but I often feel like my comments come off way more curmudgeonly than I intend them to, so I mostly delete them. Those are primarily the pro-marijuana, pro-casual sex elements that some of your stories contain, but what can I say? I’m a mom! Of course I’m going to think those things! Posting them in a finger-wagging, “just-who-do-you-think-you-are young lady” comment is another thing.
      But even though I’m a mother, I’m not one to fit in the mini-van majority, so the mommy-type blogs are not for me. I love your Mad Men, HIMYM, and Lifetime movie recaps (those are hilarious). I would love to read your thoughts on the Sons of Anarchy tv show, but that’s already in season 6 so it’s probably too late (still, Charlie Hunnam is hot so think about it). I would love to read more about some good books that you’ve come across. Please, no politicians…so sick of all of them. Please keep the lists and the GIFs.
      Lastly, if I never had to read another thing about Jennifer Anniston again I would be soo happy, but I know I’m in the minority there, so I’ll let that one go. Just keep doing what you’re doing. You guys are great!!

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Thanks so much for your comment! It’s great to learn that we’re reaching readers of various age groups and interests. We welcome your feedback!

        So glad you’re enjoying the recaps (they’re so fun to write, so it’s great to hear that they’re fun to read), and thanks for the suggestions! Your books idea is especially interesting. We’re always talking about buzzworthy books we should be reading, so we’ll keep that in mind, as well as the Aniston issue. She’s just always pregnant!

        Thanks again for reading and for sharing your thoughts. We really appreciate it!

    • Ilana

      More Lifetime! Jill’s posts are a million times better than actually watching the movies, and watching is pretty good.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoy them.

    • Blair Vance

      I can’t go a day without checking Crushable – I literally helped my trivia team come in 3rd place when we went out for my birthday because I had read your post that day about that weirdo swimming 2 miles to T. Swift’s house. You are indispensable to my life Crushable. Also, you commented back to me when I commented to you on Facebook and then I wanted to Tweet about it or call my mom but, I knew she wouldn’t understand.

      All of that said – could we talk some more about Aaron Tveit? He’s my new OBSESSION and I think I’m going to have to buy Les Mis on Blu Ray just to see more of him.

      Also – how come we hate on Biebs all the time, I mean I love that, but, can we talk about Conor Maynard some more? I think he’s pretty great. Oh, and Hunter Hayes – maybe a little country love from you big city girls. :) Then again, maybe they’re just not up to the same stupid shit Bieber seems to always be doing.

      Ok – so I’m not much of a “responder” on these sites but, when I saw this post I knew that I had to let you girls know how vital you are to my everyday life – Crushable has become one of my closest girlfriends. You’re the Blanche to my Rose, the Carrie to my Charlotte, the Buster to my Lucille 1 – yes, in the AD scenario I get to be Lucille 1.



      • Jenni

        So glad we could help you out in trivia! Although trivia itself is a contentious subject in our office since some people on staff have a problem with the fact that I consult with my friend Smartphone to win. But that’s neither here nor there. And yes to Aaron Tveit, did you catch our Graceland recap? Or Graceland in general?

        We’ll try to put our big-cityness aside and embrace country a bit more. I do know Hunter Hayes and I do know that he and Justin Bieber seem to have the same amount of facial hair. I also know that my facial hair knowledge on young boys would be filed under absolutely not okay.

        Thanks for reading and the awesome comment!

    • Basma K

      I would comment after every single post, but then my redundant “HAHAHA!” will make you sorry you ever asked for feedback. All your staff is hilarious, I enjoy everything, especially the make believe conversations between celebrities; so more of those, please! I trust your opinions now and I always quote your movie reviews to my friends and thus is the reason 4 grown women haven’t seen The Hangover 3. I’d like to read more about Jennifer Lawrence, I know you covered most of her interviews and movies, but who doesn’t want to hear more about J Law? Who, tell me? I’m gonna need a name. I feel this is a safe space and I know you won’t judge me for watching The Bachelorette, so more posts on that subject would be infinitely well received. By me. And if no one wants to volunteer to watch 80 minutes of mind numbing stupidity, I will be happy to send you the recaps – in note form, cause I’m lazy – that you can transform into hilarious ingenuity. Keep it up! <3

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Crushable is like the AA meeting of gossip sites — this is a safe place where no one’s guilty pleasures shall be judged, forever and ever amen, so help me god. There are so many terrible/wonderful things lurking on the internet that more people need to love, so if we’re making that process easier, I’m counting it as a win. The Bachelorette is my new favorite anthropological experiment, so thank you for coming along for the ride!

    • Princess Bitchface

      I don’t like photo galleries. I read on my phone and I hate trying to click the exact right spot so now I don’t even bother opening gallery posts here or on your sister blogs. I love the snark and sarcasm. More of that, please!

      • Jenni

        The good news is that we’re getting a redesign and it will include a much better mobile site! And in the meantime, we’ll try to keep the photo galleries to a minimum.

      • Katy Hearne

        yes, yes! It’s so hard to read this site on my phone! Glad to hear an update is coming

    • Cassandra Hough

      I love this post! I would also looooove more of these kind of insightful comments during the weekends because I never really know if everyone hates me or not. I need validation, damn it!

      • Tot

        You are scrumtrilescent.

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