Melissa McCarthy Rescued My Faith In Humanity Today

Melissa McCarthy attending CinemaCon April 2013In case you needed more proof that Melissa McCarthy is a total baller, today is your lucky day. I personally didn’t need any more proof, because I saw Bridesmaids and her Saturday Night Live episodes and I’m not some kind of commitment-phobe with my celebrity crushes, okay?!? But for those of you who do, don’t worry, because I’ve come equipped with your feel-good story of the day: Melissa fired an extra the other day for mistreating her own child on-set.

Melissa and her husband Ben Falcone are collaborating on their first co-directing project, a comedy called ‘Tammy’ currently filming in North Carolina. The other day, one of the hired extras had brought her child with her to the film set, and was on the kid (estimated by TMZ to be between four and five years old) all day about making too much noise. She was constantly yelling at her child to ‘stop it’ and quiet down, to the point that she was disturbing the rest of the cast, crew, and 200 other extras by being too loud. According to sources, the reason she was ultimately kicked off set is because, apparently frustrated that her kid wouldn’t listen, she jerked the child up in the air by the wrist. OH SHIT SON. Shit about to get real. Melissa apparently saw the whole thing, and immediately asked the production assistant to remove the woman from the set, saying that she absolutely would not tolerate abuse.

I’m impressed by this for multiple reasons. First of all, I think it’s great that Melissa is so personally involved in the production. The fact that she saw the whole interaction suggests to me that she’s there on set, present and aware, which is awesome. I feel like it’d be really easy for a big star like Melissa to lose touch with what was going on at a basic level in the production, and it’s great that she’s not doing that, and keeping eyes on every aspect, iIncluding extras. And secondly, good for her for taking a stand, seriously. It happens too much that people just put their heads down and mind their own business, often to the detriment of kids. Good for Melissa for getting involved and putting a stop to that kind of behavior. It does my heart proud.

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    • AnnH

      So let me sum this up… the woman kinda abused her kid, and she was sent home ? And that’s it ?
      If you ask me, Melissa has just made it so that the abuse goes on where nobody sees it.

    • jenver

      Unfortunately the woman was sent home and then I bet she really beat the shit out of her kid for “getting” her fired.

      • Jenni

        Or maybe she learned a super valuable lesson about being a good parent….maybe?

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    • BritC

      That’s cool that she’s involved, but firing the woman kind of makes me think that she just sealed that kid’s fate for further abuse. The entire article kind of made me uncomfortable after reading it. That poor kid…