Justin Bieber Was Apparently Booed At The BBMAs, Perhaps Because Of Those Pants

Justin Bieber Billboard Music Awards 2013

In “things that apparently happened” news, a lot of people are saying that Justin Bieber was booed while accepting his Milestone Award at the Billboard Music Awards last night. Maybe my hearing isn’t as good as it was in my youth, or maybe I’m just not very good at differentiating cheers from jeers (unless it’s in TV Guide), but I didn’t quite hear it. I’m also a little surprised that the person who supposedly got booed was Justin Bieber and not Miguel, who will forever be known as the guy who landed on someone’s neck and continued singing.

The other thing that surprises me about this apparent booing incident is that Justin was supposedly booed before he made that speech of his (more on that in a minute). So that leaves a few of possibilities for why people felt the need to boo. One, they were all hired by Mally the monkey. Two, it was all Taylor Swift booing in different accents. Or three, it was because of those pants. Seriously, what was the deal with those pants? It was like a skirt with leggings attached. And they seemed to get droopier and droopier as the night went on, either out of sadness or because he was storing his awards in there.

I suppose the ensuing speech occurred because of the booing, since Justin accepted another award earlier in the night and made it short and sweet. But not this time. This time there was a lot of talk about being a 19-year-old artist and wanting to be taken seriously for his “craft.” Oh, and Jesus Christ. Thankfully Justin had the manners to remove his indoor sunglasses when he mentioned Jesus. Because you know Jesus already doesn’t get enough respect, what with only being mentioned at every award show and sporting event. He just doesn’t get enough credit for his 19-year-old pop star work, and you know he was sitting at home in his easy chair thinking to himself, “That 19-year-old artist better take his sunglasses off when he thanks me.”

You can watch Justin’s speech below, and please, if you happen to have dog hearing, let me know if you can make out the booing amongst all the girl screams.

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Listen Jill, I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously. Also big screams for Jesus in that video. Do you think he’ll get the Milestone Award next year?

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Jesus is bound to be the Susan Lucci of that award.

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    • Rachel

      I didn’t watch last night so help me out lol 1. Who’s the kid in red pants? 2. What’s with the Kanye outfit meets Miley Cyrus haircut? 3. lol at the gif you guys posted of taylor swift sticking her tounge out! Her level of immaturity at 22 scares/amuses me. Oh an if you have to tell people you should be taken seriously than you probably shouldn’t or wont ever be.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Not sure who the red pants kid is, but the pants look like they have a normal crotch so they’re obviously so uncool. The outfit does look very Kanye, but upon watching the video again I’m realizing that he and Cee Lo are total twinsies.

      • Rachel

        Seriously! How could you be apart of the clique and not where drop crotch pants?! I just now noticed the Cee Lo thing, guess you’re never too old to join the craze/ this speech is way too cringe worthy to watch in it’s entirety! O_o

    • Jacey

      You can make fun of Justin Bieber for anything you want, but seriously you choose to make fun of his faith? Who are you to judge him about what he believes? Jesus Christ is my savior and I am so thankful to Justin for being brave enough to mention Jesus in every speech he has. I feel bad for you. All you do is judge people and I’ll make sure to pray for you tonight. God bless you :]

    • Cindy

      I thought I was having trouble hearing, too. My ears must be getting old! LOL!! I didn’t hear anyone booing and the audience all looked like they were cheering for him. The pants are horrendous!! They look like he is carrying around a dirty diaper in there. hahaha Poor kid! I’m being bad I should leave him alone he is only 19 years old and he is doing a pretty good job at it. OK! :)

    • Beth

      I love u justin bieber,haters going to hate.And
      Fuck tayor

    • zach59

      The sound is more like the angry mutterings and rumbles of a very large male mob, a continuous wave. You don’t hear single voices going “boo, boo” It’s a very large auditorium. The wall of angry noise is coming from Justin’s left, where he’s looking. Then other people closer up yell to try and drown out the angry voices.

      Face it, it’s a phony fan voted award–supposedly for musical creativity and innovation?? One might assume there were a lot of guys in the large audience who didn’t think a 19 year old pop singer is all that original or innovative.

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    • Selena

      I heard 4-5 boos from 1:55-2:15 if ya’ll were still curious.

      • Selena

        And 2:30 and 3:00. It’s one person doing them over and over.

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