• Thu, May 16 - 8:28 am ET

Don’t Get Too Attached To P Diddy In This Downton Abbey Spoof, Because Then They’ll Probably Kill Him Off


As much as I absoultely adore watching Downton Abbey, I can never help but think about what it would be like if P Diddy joined the cast. He’s such a wonderfully fine actor and he has such a wonderfully fun collection of nicknames that I just know he would be a great addition to the cast. Especially as Edith Crawley’s new lover. Not boyfriend or suitor or potential husband, but lover. Can you imagine what Lord Grantham would do. First Edith starts writing publicly and then next she starts dating a black musical artist. It would be like the Ethel Tizzy times 1000 around town.

Now, thanks to the knickerbockers over at Funny or Die, I don’t have to wonder any longer what it would be like for P Diddy to join the cast. In this wonderful spoof, he plays Lord Wolcott — the new owner of Downton Abbey (and the first black actor on the show). Or Downtown Abbey as he so eloquently calls it. And to make the whole experience more magical, he starts referring to Downton Abbey fans as AbbeyHeads. I don’t know about you, but the thought of the super-dignified fans of Downton Abbey calling themselves by any kind of nickname (besides highly educated young professionals who value a good gluten-free menu) is just too funny to me. Hence why I watched this entire video while rolling on the floor laughing.

As much as I wish that Downton would experiment with becoming a comedy next season, I wouldn’t want P Diddy involved. They’re addicted to killing off characters on that show and I’d hate to see him go — whether it be in a car crash or in childbirth or something even more heartwrenching and horrible to watch an otherwise peaceful Sunday night.

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