Everything That’s Happened On The Office Since Michael Scott Left & You Stopped Watching

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The Office is everyone’s old favorite show that they stopped watching between two to five years ago depending on their determination. I’m going to assume that the majority of the fans that stopped watching did so around the time Michael Scott left towards the end of season seven. The series finale of The Office airs tomorrow night (Did you know that??? Did we already tell you? I can’t remember!), and I’m sure there’s a lot of you out there that haven’t watched for quite some time but who want to tune in tomorrow out of curiosity. In order to catch you up on some things, I’ve put together this handy guide to what the major characters have been up to since the end of season seven.

First I have to mention the big, huge, crazy, important surprise. The characters have been filmed and interviewed all this time (nine years!) because they are part of a documentary series that is going to air on PBS. Mind freak! Last weeks episode ended with the character’s all sitting in Poor Richard’s getting ready to watch the premiere.

Jim Halpert

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Since Michael left, Jim‘s made a big change in his professional life (finally!) and you can tell because he’s wearing a bluetooth in that picture. But first, in season eight, Jim and Pam had their second child, Philip, and then there was just more of Jim and Pam being happy, which, great for them, but it was boring. In the ninth season, things picked up when Jim accepted an offer to be part of a sports marketing start-up, Athlead, in Philadelphia. This meant that Jim had to travel back and forth between Scranton and Philly a lot which put a strain on his and Pam’s relationship. A couple episodes ago, Jim and Pam began marriage counseling and Jim decided to stay away from the start-up for a while to be around Pam more. Unfortunately, right after that really big things began to happen for Athlead.

Pam Beesly

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Jim’s section pretty much covered what’s been going on for Pam. She applied for a job in Philadelphia when she was considering moving the family there to be closer to Jim’s new job. After the interview, Pam decided that she didn’t want to move to Philly at all and as a result of this, Jim started spending more time in Scranton. Pam began feeling guilty about this in the most recent episode because Athlead’s started taking off and Jim could be traveling around the country meeting with major sports stars. It’s really hard to tell where the show is going with this. Are we supposed to be okay with Jim and Pam staying in Scranton? ‘Cause I’m not. Jim should be able to have his new awesome job and Pam should realize how exciting that is for both of them. Plus, I’m willing to bet Philly’s way cooler than Scranton.

Andy Bernard

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Since the beginning of season eight, Andy has gone back and forth between being Dunder Mifflin’s Regional Manager and not. First, he was appointed manager after Michael left. Then he lost the position when he went to Florida to win back Erin who moved there after visiting on a work trip. Then he got the job back again when he joined forces with former CFO David Wallace to buy the company back from Sabre. Then, in season nine, Andy went on a boat trip to the Caribbean for three months which nearly caused him to lose his job again. Andy eventually decided that what he really wants is to be a famous actor/singer, so he signed up with a local talent agency. In last week’s episode Andy is shown auditioning, poorly, for an American Idol-esque a capella reality competition judged by Aaron Rodgers, Santigold, and Clay Aiken.

Angela Martin & Oscar Martinez

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Angela and Oscar aren’t really major characters, but they had a lot going on recently so I decided to include them. They’re paired together here because their story-lines blended together. Angela continued dating The Senator (really, a State Senator) from season seven and married him. The Senator, who was clearly gay all along, began a secret relationship with Oscar that Angela, eventually, agreed to be okay with and continued their marriage as a coverup. When promos for the documentary begin airing, The Senator publicly came out of the closet and revealed that he was in love with neither Angela nor Oscar, but another man all together. Also, in season eight Angela gave birth to her son, like Pam’s son also named Philip, with The Senator being the supposed father. As revealed in the most recent episode, and heavily (HEAVILY) hinted at up until that point, her son’s father is actually Dwight.

Dwight Schrute

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Life has been pretty great for Dwight recently. He inherited his Aunt Shirley‘s farm, began dating an attractive fellow beet farmer named Esther, AND he finally became Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin! This happened a few episodes ago after Andy left to pursue his dreams. In last week’s episode, Dwight realized that he’s loved Angela all along and, after a teary, heartfelt speech from Jim, proposed to her instead of Esther as he was planning. Angela accepted and revealed that Dwight’s actually her son’s father (duh!) Things are coming up Dwight!

In other news, Kelly‘s gone, Ryan‘s gone, and there’s two new characters, Clark and Pete, who both work as customer service representatives. Erin is currently dating Pete, having split from Andy while he was on his boat trip.

So that’s it! Not a lot of big stuff really changed until the second half of the current season, so if you really wanna know what’s going on first hand, there’s still time to watch the episodes online. You just need to start RIGHT NOW if you want to be finished by tomorrow night’s finale.

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    • Jenni

      So I just started watching again a few weeks for the first time in years and I’m so conflicted. On one hand, I’m reminded how much I loved these characters at one point. But on the other hand, I hate that Jim and Pam are choosing Scranton. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Why can’t they BOTH move to Philly, or really anywhere. It’s so depressing to imagine them staying at Dunder Mifflin for the rest of their lives.

      • …her?

        RIGHT?? Why can’t Pam be cool with moving to Philly? It’s not like she’s a real person, she can do whatever the writers want her to.

    • Wendy

      The documentary thing is no surprise. It’s been there since the beginning. That was the whole premise of the show.

      • Lia Beck

        It seemed to just be a mockumentary though– filmed in a documentary style for no reason. Like Parks and Rec is too. So you never knew why they were being filmed exactly and never heard from anyone behind the cameras.

    • Katie

      Uh… This doesn’t sound like the office. It sounds like a horrible soap opera. Sad. :(

    • Rachel

      Ive been with this show since the beginning and it’s just painful to watch new episodes x_x This is a prime example of how networks take an amazing show and run it into the ground. The new characters got on my nerves and the comedy that seemed to come so easily just seems forced. It’s like SNL once everybody left

    • …her?

      I have been watching this show the whole time and it has been a pretty rough slog, I won’t lie. I thought they should have ended it when Michael left (for my hometown whaaaaat!!!) but I stuck with it. And I’m definitely glad it’s ending, but it’s a little bitter sweet. This season has been good, but only because I have to know how they’re going to wrap it all up and there is an end in sight…

    • Jhx

      Haven’t watched again since shortly after Michael left yet (all I remember last seeing was Andy’s ass being tattooed but thanks for this summation. Won’t have time to finish all the episodes before finale but I’ll definitely tune in for it.

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