The Most Important Summer Style Lessons You Can Learn From Celebs

vanessa hudgens coachella 4.15.2012

Summer is quickly approaching and because I know all of you are teetering around in giant foam platform flip-flops, I thought it might be a good time to brush up on summer style. I’ve taken four summer essentials: denim shorts, sunglasses, shoes, and maxi dresses and paired them with pictures of celebrities either pulling them off with aplomb or failing miserably and looking like they’re wearing denim diapers. I know, maxi dresses aren’t exactly essential, but they’re really fun to wear, just ask Rachel Zoe. For each item, there are two don’ts and one do. It’s sorta like two truths and a lie, but with two negative things and one positive… and if it had to do with fashion and celebrities so… okay, they’re not really that similar. Just go with it!

#1 Jean Shorts/ Jorts/ Nevernude Uniform

Don't: Show too much inner pocket. (Miley Cyrus via

Don't: Give off an air of denim diaper. (Vanessa Hudgens via STS/

Do: Look really cute and preppy, but not TOO preppy. (Taylor Swift via

#2 Summer Footwear

Don't: Wear crazy high foam platform sandals that make you fall all over the place. (Snooki via Nick Spaloss,

Don't: Wear Uggs in 90 degree weather and have sweaty feet. (Britney Spears via

Do: Wear pretty sandals and let 'em breathe. (Jessica Alba via

#3 Sunglasses

Don't: Wear giant sunglasses that give you bug face. (Kourtney Kardashian via Karl Piper/

Don't: Wear even giant-er sunglasses that give you even worse bug face. (Paris Hilton via STS/

Do: Shield your eyes without looking like an insect/alien/robot. (Rihanna via

#4 Maxi Dress

Don't: ... (Rachel Zoe via

...Wear a maxi dress that is actually a parachute pants jumpsuit! (Rachel Zoe via

Do: Wear a really comfy looking maxi dress that allows you to hold as many babies and giant purses as necessary. (Rachel Zoe via

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I can’t believe I have to retire my parachute bodysuit!