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Forget One Direction, Here Are The 5 Girl Groups You Should Know Now

Little Mix Girl Group Photo

It’s safe to say that, in 2013, boybands are back in full force. This ’90s kid never thought she’d see the day, but groups like One Direction and The Wanted have risen to superstar status and officially brought back the trend of cooing harmonies and synchronized dance moves.

Now that ’90s music is getting a 2013 makeover, we think it’s time for a new kind of band to make a comeback: girl groups. Because, yes, we screamed when the Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC came on TV, but no one, no one could beat the Spice Girls. Or how about TLC? Who remembers B*Witched? It remains to be seen if anyone will ever be able to match that ’90s magic, but there are some girl groups on the rise that have what it takes.

Here are the 5 girl groups you should be looking out for this year.

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  • Nicole

    I love Fifth Harmony! I think they’re soooo incredibly talented and they have great personalities. I also really like Lylas’ song. They’re pretty good!

  • Sophia

    In love with Fifth Harmony

    • http://twitter.com/Mennorzinhu AllyCat

      Fifth harmony ♥

  • allay

    FIFTH HARMONY I am in love with them I just love them so much

  • Francesca

    Fifth Harmony>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Couseed81

    Looking forward to see them in person good luck lady’s.

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  • yesapayne

    wow!! they look cool.. Nushagak River Alaska Fishing Lodge

  • 5HLOL

    Fifth Harmony is everything. Prepare yourselves for the SLAYAGE~

  • anonymous annika

    Synchronized dance moves? Clearly you haven’t actually watched any of the 2013 boy bands! It’s all about “adorably uncoordinated” this time around.

  • anonymous annika

    And P.S. Little Mix > Fifth Harmony.

  • Bradly93

    Comparing fifth harmony and little mix is like comparing Destinys Child and The Spice Girls. Both very different but both amazing in their own right.

    • person

      But I think little mix are more like destiny’s child and fifth harmony are like idk girls aloud and spice girls?

  • sone

    Girls generation the best!!

  • snsdfan1001

    Yess! Snsd!

  • Claire1497

    AYO GG! Oh yeah.. GLOBAL GENERATION Ladies & Gentlemen. So who’s excited for their WORLD TOUR?! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YlHPG32PAYw

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  • Claire1497

    If you don’t know Girls’ Generation… Watch this ——–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3gK5HSZvD0

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000369953888 JiaXin Kua

    Girls’ Generation!!!!!

  • gejilop

    none of them are nearly as successful as SNSD/Girl’s Generation

  • crackegiochi

    I’m here for snsd


    horrible,one direction tiene mas exito que estas bovas,no mamen

  • SONEforeverSNSDisLOVE

    It’s not like the fans should dress up “pink” whenever they had to see the Girl’s Generation (aka SNSD), but the fans or also called as SONE (read as SO ONE; fans of SNSD), always bring a pink lightstick on their concerts, and we light it up to show our love and support to our girls, it’s called the “PINK OCEAN”