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Arrested Development Yearbook: Meet Lucille Bluth

Season 4 of Arrested Development on Netflix is less than a month away now (May 26th, we love you!), so we’re preparing by taking a peek inside our favorite characters’ television yearbooks, if you will, complete with superlatives, parting quotes, and the messages we wish we could write to them. We’ll be giving you one for each character leading up to the season premiere. Today is Monday, and we could probably all use a good winking-eye alcohol suggestion to get us through the day, so let’s pay tribute to Lucille Bluth, aka Jessica Walter, aka everyone’s favorite Gangy.

Arrested Development Lucille Bluth


Most likely to… go to rehab more times than Lindsay Lohan.

Parting Quote: “I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.”

Clubs/Activities: Appearance on World’s Worst Driver, an affair with Oscar Bluth, and dabbling in adoption

Candid Shot:

Lucille Bluth


Yearbook Video Entry:

Lucille really knows her prices.

A Few Yearbook Notes To Lucille From Her Friends And Loved Ones:

Gene Parmesan wrote, “I’m a private detective. Gene Parmesan!”

Annyong wrote, “Annyong!”

Buster Bluth wrote, “Make love in your own hand, Mother!”

Oscar Bluth wrote, “Oh, I want you everywhere.”

George Bluth wrote, “Up yours, Granny!”

Michael Bluth wrote, “Mom, it’s breakfast.”

And Here’s How We Wish We Could Sign Lucille’s Yearbook:

Dear Lucille,

You’ve said you love all your children equally (okay, we know you don’t care for GOB), but if we were your children we’d want to be your favorites. Or at least your third least-favorite. Or something like that. Anyway, we know you like to have fun, Lucille. And we’ll wink at you to prove it. Twice. And you know what, we’d bid on you at a charity auction even if you didn’t pay us.  And we might just go to Motherboy with you, too. Only if we get to be Sonny and Cher. So here’s to you, Lucille. That Lucille Austero’s got nothing on you. That BITCH!



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(Image: Arrested Development Wikia)

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