K.Stew Forgets She’s Madly In Love With R.Pattz, Gets In Car With Rupert Sanderson

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Coachella 2013

Oh heavens no. What have we here? Our recently redeemed Kristen Stewart possibly getting into a car with Rupert Sanders just moments after her boyfriend Robert Pattinson leaves the city? Oh no, this won’t do. Not at all. Just when I thought we could put the horrors of last summer’s not-at-all-staged cheating scandal behind us, Kristen Stewart starts it all back up again by getting into a car with Rupert. Or a man who looks like Rupert in a dark, blurry photo.

But the fact that it may not be Rupert isn’t really here or there when we have a tragic love story to tell. If I’ve learned anything from reading The Daily Mail religiously is that it’s best enjoyed if you put facts and logic and sometimes even science aside. Don’t question anything. Just enjoy what they’re telling you. Even if what they’re telling you makes you say “huh” and “that’s not possible” and “I don’t think Kris Jenner has devil’s hooves in the place that normal feet go — and where did you find a doctor who said that it’s unlikely, but he’s seen stranger cases?”

Speaking of Kris Jenner, does anyone remember innocence? The dog days of summer? Those moments of pure bliss when you still believed that two teenagers could meet on the set of a movie, fall in love, share one oversized white undershirt and one backwards hat and live happily ever after? I do. It was last summer. My days and nights and yes, even my twilights were consumed with thoughts of Robsten. Then it all came crashing down when Kristen Stewart openly cheated on him with her Snow White and the Huntsman director in an affair that will go down in history as making little to no sense.

And now, thanks to these car photos, we’re back in that same exact place again. That place where we’re trying to figure out which way is up and which way is down and which way this PR stunt’s heading now. I used to think I had it all figured out. But now the only thing I know for sure is that Robsten is un-unbroken.

Let’s pray.

(Photo: STS/WENN.com)

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    • sleepysone1995

      I guess some bitter bitch assumed she was with a man,robsten are not going to always be together like super glue…look what happened to those couples who chose the option to stick together 24/7? they do not last like everyone expects them to,and robert and kristen have their own lives as well

    • kristylanet

      Now I have to unfollow Crushable and I really like you! But this is stooping to national enquirer levels. That’s a valet driver, in a totally different car, while ROBS friends stand watching. Some fact checking would help. See ya!

      • Jenni

        National Enquirer levels? Staaahppp, you’re making me blush.

      • northGAgirl

        I’m pretty sure this article was written as a joke and basically is making fun of the other “outlets” that have carried this story. Jenni knows it’s BS just like the rest of us

      • Jenni

        Where should I send your gold star?

      • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

        I think the man’s head is photoshopped in but the photoshopper didn’t know if s/he was in the UK or the US as I can’t really tell what side of the car he was placed on. Can you peek inside jenni to satisfy my curiosity?

      • northGAgirl

        Too bad there isn’t a Facebook Gold Star button you could just push…wouldn’t my friends be impressed.

      • http://twitter.com/fantasyjustin Justin Bieber Fans

        thank you…that was a valet….I wish people would leave them alone…enough is enough…

    • Mel

      I’m not surprise she is with another man. Sure the twihards will foam at the mouth.

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    • PR scandal?

      Jenni, I still beleive that something was weird about the pics and the “scandalous” events from last summer. But how do we explain that they are still together through the dvd release(faux romance be damned), divorce of libs and rup, etc. Are we still on the PR bandwagon?

      Posters below this is called satire. Get a sense of humor.

      • Jenni

        I don’t even know what bandwagon I’m on anymore. Perhaps the one headed toward the Oregon Trail?

    • Christine

      What’s more entertaining than reading the Daily Mail? The comments section! Whoa there’s some crazy people out there, especially when it comes to Robsten. I wonder if they have the same fanaticism for their own lives, or just celebrity couples…

    • nautica


      • nautica

        And its not everyone

    • nautica

      GETTTTTTT OF HER BACK IF YA ON IT A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE A TIME WHEN THEY GET WEAK SOOOOOOOOOO PIMPING STRAIGH GOT TOE BACK KRISTEN jk but some people have that moment so dont get mad rob 1 time she okay she do ot two times that’s when u get mad not abusive

      • nautica

        I meant yoe not toe spell cheek but yeah