Jenelle Evans Being On Birth Control Is The Best News I’ve Heard All Week

Jenelle Evans goes grocery shopping in North Carolina January 2013It’s been a tough year for Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans, but it seems like maybe possibly even just a little bit, she may be on track to start making some better decisions. She already has one child, Jace, although she’s had to cede custody to her mother because of ongoing drug issues. Then, last year, she got engaged to Courtland Rogers, married a month after that, and announced a second pregnancy soon afterward. I felt…not great about that, but felt even worse when Jenelle tragically miscarried and her new marriage to Courtland imploded. But now, it’s looking like Jenelle is ready to get back on track, as a source with Radar Online reports:

“Jenelle is back on the birth control patch. She has told friends that she just isn’t ready for a baby now and she seems really serious about this. She wants to try and get custody back from her mother, Barbara Evans, and she’s trying really hard to do everything she can to do that, but she knows it is a process. All she wants to do is be a mother, but she’s going to focus on Jace now and not anyone else.”

That is seriously excellent news. I’m sure Jenelle does possess traits of a good mom, but lately she’s been pretty insistent about hiding them under a drug habit and throwing herself into relationships, so it’s been hard to tell. I think the best thing for her is to spend some time addressing her choices instead of running away from them like she’s done in the past, and one of the biggest and best ways to do that is by not immediately getting pregnant again with a new guy. You already have one kid, so spend your time working on that relationship instead of investing in a romantic one. In an ideal world, Jenelle would even leave the show to spend some time focusing on herself, but even I’m not that much of a dreamer. Keep up the good work, though, Jenelle, we’re rooting for you!


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    • Lia Beck

      I’m rooting for her too. She looks pretty happy and clean in that picture, but that could just be because she’s glad to be having her photo snapped so who knows.

    • Lene

      Poor poor Barbara. She is doing so much for Jenelle, and she keeps screaming at her. Unseen. One day, she will feel horrible when she realize what she has done to her POOR mother….

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