• Tue, Apr 23 - 4:51 pm ET

Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: ‘How Animals Pick Up A Girl’

How Animals Pick Up A GirlProp open your gently closing eyes and take another sip of your stale cold coffee, because the end of the day is nigh! Can’t you hear it chiming cheerfully upon its approach? You’ve spent all day with your blessed office mates, and now you get to stumble home to surrender to sweet sweet sleep, or sweet sweet happy hour, or sweet sweet Hungry Man dinners. It’s really up to you. Me personally, I’m gonna stumble to a sweet sweet screening and then clean my not-so-sweet-sweet apartment. It’s a jammin’ Tuesday night, baby, and I’m alive. But before I get my bum-bum on a train and head for the hills, I want just one more juicy morsel. Something you can put in front of my face that needs nothing from me and asks nothing of me. A funny video, perchance? In the vein of ‘How Animals Pick Up A Girl’? It’s Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day — ENJOY.

It seems to be fashioned after one of the videos we did for Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day last week, ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’, but a whole new duo and all new animals. The girl sits at the table while the guy uses various, animal-themed methods to woo her. Just like happens in real life; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hit with the Amorous Ape! Land sakes, the amount of times people have come up to me in bars and taken chopsticks out of my hair! You wouldn’t believe it. The best one by far though is the Pigeon. I won’t ruin it by giving away the ending, but it’s pretty great, and I’d imagine highly effective…at getting a girl to leave instantly. Now get out of here and go home, you amorous apes.

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