Let’s Talk About Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s Appearance On Dr. Phil

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In case everyone completely forgot about Farrah Abraham‘s appearance on Dr. Phil yesterday because it was preempted by far more important news coverage, allow me to remind you that it happened. And it was everything you’d expect it to be.

While I think we can all agree that the Dr. Phil show is pure circus entertainment that has strayed so far from what Queen Oprah probably imagined for it, he really has a delightful way of putting used up teen moms in their place.  Watching clips from yesterday’s show with Farrah and her clueless, long-suffering parents also served to solidify my stance on MTV programming: it fucking sucks.  Here’s a preview clip of the show if you enjoy having your gears grinded:

The girls of Teen Mom have spent years in the spotlight – on the actual show itself, on Twitter, and on the covers of InTouch and US Weekly.  Being more than moderately famous has become a way of life for them.  Some have taken it with a grain of salt, some have made the best of it, and some have pushed their tepid fame as far as it can fucking go.  So what happens when MTV cancels you and moves on to the next batch of sexually misguided teenagers with low self-esteem and family problems?

Maci Bookout has pursued a broadcasting career of sorts, and regularly travels to colleges promoting teen pregnancy prevention.  Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have moved on to posting propaganda-laden photos on Instagram urging girls against abortion and starring on VH1′s Couples Therapy while planning their wedding, which will most likely be televised by MTV.  Amber Portwood is all sorts of fucked up and is currently rotting in jail, by choice, because she knew she wouldn’t be able to get sober on her own.  And Farrah Abraham is now a second-rate porn star.  Aside from Amber, what all of these girls (who no longer have MTV to fall back on regularly) have in common is that they have each found ways to continue their notoriety and fame streak.  Obviously some of them are doing it in more positive/productive ways than others, but none of them seem to be content to returning to quiet,completely private lives. You know, like Jenelle Evans probably will when Teen Mom 2 is over.

Farrah, as anyone who watched her on MTV knows, has never once taken accountability for her actions.  (She also has the second-worst ugly cry on reality television, after Kim Kardashian.)  She’s so used to being spoiled and catered to by her parents, MTV, and her “fans” that she can’t comprehend why porn star James Deen and Vivid Entertainment don’t give even half of a shit about her wishes.  She’s on a downward spiral and I wish I could say she’s the only Teen Mom who is.

My favorite part about her being on Dr. Phil was how much Papa Randilicious loved it.  Randy Houska is Chelsea Houska’s always entertaining dad on Teen Mom 2.

Case closed.

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    • http://twitter.com/PortraitOfMmeX Madame X

      I kind of wish the media would be a little more compassionate towards Amber Portwood at this point. That girl had a pretty sorry upbringing and minimal support from her family or Gary. It doesn’t excuse her behavior but it does explain it better than trying to claim she wants to extend her fame or whatever. She has serious and long-standing problems. She tried rehab and it didn’t work. She volunteered to hit rock bottom so she could try to turn things around for herself. She seemed like a different person in the last interview the show did with her, from prison. She is paying for what she’s done and at some point I feel like it’s time to give her a little credit for that. I find it a little gross that the media continues to be so gleefully mean to these young women. I don’t disagree that in this case, Farrah has brought it on herself but Amber? Maybe it’s time to lay off Amber.

      • http://twitter.com/cassyhough Cassandra Hough

        I actually hold MTV responsible for part of her meltdown.

      • KB

        I totally agree with you. Apparently Amber is doing well in prison and is making progress — she’s one of the very few Teen Moms who has taken responsibility for her actions and has attempted to better herself.

    • Puckersbabe

      No, I honestly think that she is #1 in the ugly cry category. Ive seen Kim’s and it’s not nearly as bad as Farrah’s.

    • peg

      “Amber Portwood is all sorts of fucked up and is currently rotting in jail” Uhhhhhhh

    • http://www.facebook.com/Chellarossi Michella Rossi

      This clip is from their website: http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/2021

      I love when she gets all stroppy because Dr. Phil pushes her to answer questions that paint her in a bad light, as if a person of her caliber shouldn’t have to deal with it. Its as if she is thinking “He wouldn’t ask Jennifer Lawrence this. He wouldn’t ask Angelina Jolie this.” And she’s right. He wouldn’t even ask Kim Kardashian this. Because even Kim Kardashian is a big enough name to not need to go on Dr. Phil with some sordid story. Because Dr. Phil’s show mainly consists of various victims of abuse or people with shopping problems, and thinly veiled adverts for his books. Its not exactly Oprah.

      But the real thing of beauty is in her version of events she arranged to have a man sleep with her on tape in front of a room full of people purely for her own vanity.

      In her version she wants to watch herself getting stuffed by a pornstar when she is sixty. I find this to be the most precious bit of logic- to her this makes sense! Now this, this is a story people will buy and it somehow paints her in a positive light. Good job Farrah! Nice save! Paint us a picture of your twilight years on the retirement community, sitting around a glowing fire and gathering her bridge club to watch and enjoy her ‘sex tape’.

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