• Mon, Apr 15 2013

Selena Gomez Used Last Night’s Awards To Remind Us That She Shouldn’t Sing Live

Selena Gomez performing at MTV Movie Awards April 2013 Come and Get It bindiOf all the glittering gemstones in the MTV Movie Awards’ collection last night, I’m pretty sure that Selena Gomez was intended to be the crown jewel. Better luck next time, buddies. She’s been pushing her new song ‘Come & Get It’ for weeks, releasing it about a week before the awards to slightly…lackluster fanfare. (From me, at least.) I know I really shouldn’t be comparing her to Demi Lovato, but it’s tough when they come out with new songs around the same time and one is so clearly better than the other. But I did promise myself I’d reserve my full judgement until I saw Selena perform live at the MTV Movie Awards, so I dutifully tuned in last night with my brain wiped clean of any preconceived notions. I was ready to be wowed, or at least contented, but instead I got this…


What was that? I’m disappointed! I feel like whoever staged that number couldn’t decide between having her sing live and having it be a lip-synched dance number, so they just did a sloppy combination. The costume and the dance moves looked great, as much as I completely don’t understand where the Indian influence came from and why, but the moves were so extensive that by the end, she was too out of breath to sing along. She kept trying, though, and her mic was turned up so high that it was really obvious when she was coming in on the vocal track. I don’t know, maybe I’m being a dick, but it felt like she was really flat! I wish her people had instructed her to either focus 100% on the singing or on the dancing. I mean, if we’re talking about people being offended by lipsynching, her voice cutting in and out of the background track actually made it more obvious instead of less, so she might as well have gone whole hog and just busted out the dancing.

Anyway, I’m sure a lot of hardcore fans will disagree with me, but I was disappointed. I really like Selena and I wanted her to come out of the gate with something really hot! Show that big, dumb, Anne Frank Museum-attending Justin Bieber what professionalism looks like.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/gabrielle2lastnames Gabrielle Hanson-Moore

    You’re not being a dick. It was the WORST performance I have EVER seen. EVER.

  • sleepysone1995

    …her fans call this amazing…=.= I would have rather listen to t-ara than selena

    • mashi

      says the person whose profile picture is yoona.

    • pinkbaby1995

      it is yuri….-_- at least some of snsd girls can dance,if she can’t do either of that,I don’t know why people even become entertainers

    • mashi

      it’s both of them.

    • oct1010

      even yoona sings better than selena, you ass.

    • mashi

      yes i know that but she’s belittling t-ara while that group has a good amount of members that can sing well while her profile picture has yoona in it.

    • imyourtroll^_^

      T-ara aren’t that vocally talented as whole if you put qri and boram in…..the other members can do fine vocally without them

    • mashi

      if you even bothered to read my comment, it’s very clear that i didn’t say all of them sing well, just a couple of them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ratzel.bequercontreras Ratzel Alesandro Bequer Contre

    wtf!! is this

  • Not a parent. MockMyInsights.

    Eh. I’ve seen worse.
    First of all, I understand the desire to compare Demi and Selena…they’re best friends, they’re both former Disney stars and they sing. I get it.
    But they are very very different entertainers.
    Demi is…at best..a mediocre actress. She is however, an amazing singer.
    Selena is shaping up to be a great actress and is already fairly good. She is not as good of a live singer as Demi is because frankly, Demi has a bigger range.
    But that performance was not bad. Choppy? Sure? Out of breath? Sure. But not bad. She put on a good show and she was singing live for a good portion of it. Got to admire her drive if nothing else.

    • sarah

      100% agreed!

    • Sam

      I’m not willing to give mediocre performer a chance to reap in millions of dollars for a “decent” performance. There are better talents out there struggling to be noticed while she was lucky to be tossed a record deal.

    • pinkbaby1995

      Demi may not be that good at dancing but she at least can reach a C5 (vocal range),I can’t even tell selena’s vocal range

    • Niki

      demi can dance really well actually

    • imyourtroll^_^

      Demi’s vocal skills are good enough not needing to dance when it comes to performance wise

  • Rianne

    ughh bad preformance YOU CANT SING Just get it

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002823752981 Jonah Erikson

    “The costume and the dance moves looked great”, There were dance moves? Wt wt wt???? The costumes and hair is something you put on a pop star that has gained a little weight to try and hide it, Selena is so tiny it was overwhelming. What Dancing She was sitting down doing arm movements….walking, more arm movements. She is a cash cow, I have no idea if she always sings this bad, but this looked like a song and routine made up in a little girls basement. Why would they send her out like that. Britney Spears…not a great singer or really dancing talent but her handlers always gave her the moves and the sound????

    Selena looks great in red. She is very pretty.
    Jonas’s wife

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  • ella

    There are different levels of can’t sing

    category 1 (poor) Rihanna, Britney Spears, Spice Girls

    category 2 (how the hell did they end up with a recording contract level of bad) Louis of One Direction, Keisha, Selena Gomez, Cassie

    • pinkbaby1995

      Kesha has more talent on her pinky than miss selena gomez here…but who dafuq is cassie?

    • SCC

      I don’t think so…have you heard Ke$ha live?
      Wow……are you like 9?

    • https://twitter.com/soshifiedyul_ Idontknowmyusername

      well,I can’t consider talking singing but well,she tries LOL

    • SCC

      the parts where she sings…

  • Charlotte

    Haha nice article. You pretty much said what was on all of our minds ;)

  • Elizabeth Garcia

    I totally agree with you. Selena is pretty and a really great actress, but singing is just not her thing. And comparing Selena to Demi should be illegal! (Sarcasm). But Selena doesn’t have a big range of voice as a singer should have, and she can’t even do high notes or low notes. Just a plain, fat voice. She should just stick to acting.

  • Truth

    she can’t sing live. used too much autotune in her songs. omg. TERRIBLE. nice try.. lol

  • Truth

    it doesnt matter about her looks and whether shes pretty or not. we’re talking about her song she sang, it sucks. period. end of story.

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  • AJ

    I’m not sure why such mediocre singing is shoved down our throats. There are amazing singers out there. Really good talented people. Instead, we get this.

  • Dana

    that sucked

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  • http://evaluatorofmusic.blogspot.com/ Evaluator of Music

    Going flat? Not okay. But the fact that she bothered to showcase her true voice saved her from this otherwise unforgettable performance. Selena really needs to brush up on her range, especially her belting range as I can see her struggling at belts like D5. V