Shia LaBeouf Tries To End His Feud With Alec Baldwin By Bringing Up His Feud With Alec Baldwin

Shia LaBeouf Berlin International Film Festival February 2013

Shia LaBeouf frustrates me for two reasons. One, his name has too many vowels; it’s not normal. Two, he can’t just let bygones be bygones, even when he claims he wants to let bygones be bygones. First he quit the Broadway play Orphans, co-starring Alec Baldwin, and tried in vain to make the situation look less scandalous by releasing private emails from the play’s production. Then he released even more emails. But the icing on the cake? He showed up to the first preview performance of the play, sat in the front row, and was the first on his feet for a standing ovation.

But you know what, guys? Shia is totally over all this drama and wants it to end. A source told RadarOnline that Shia wants to end the feud:

“It’s gone on for too long and, as far as he’s concerned, the drama has blown over now. Shia won’t forget it, but he doesn’t want it brought up again.”

That would be really great, except for one thing. I haven’t thought about this feud for a good couple of weeks. You know why I’m thinking about it now? Because Shia LaBeouf is reportedly bringing it up by saying he doesn’t want it brought up, and on and on, the circle of life, it moves us all.

So since Shia’s done bringing it up, I guess that’s the end of his comments on it, eh? Oh wait, it looks like he has something else to say:

“Shia was actually amused that Alec brought it all up again in a recent interview, because he thinks Alec should be old enough to know better,” the source reveals Shia said.

What exactly is the minimum age for knowing better? Because I’d argue it’s closer to 26 than 55, so Shia should also probably know better than to be bringing it up now. He should also understand the irony in saying he doesn’t want the feud to go on and then opening a new wound by saying it’s all Alec’s fault for bringing it up.

Remember when Shia was Louis Stevens on the Disney Channel? I just did, and it hurt my brain.


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