As Per Usual, This Year’s Coachella Was An Excuse For D-List Celebs To Dress Like They’re Poor

Vanessa Hudgens Coachella April 14, 2013

The Coachella music and art festival kicked off this past weekend in Indio California! But you probably already know that, given that your Instagram feed was likely jammed with photos of beautiful rich people trying to dress like it’s 1969, but not totally getting it. Among the attendees of this year’s attendees, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth, and many celebrity kids come of age. Because what else do you have to do, Ireland Baldwin? Year after year, the 2-weekend event is a magnet for celebs to play around in the sun, ride a giant ferris wheel and abuse the peasant dress. This year was no exception. So let’s check out the flower-crowned, destroyed denim-wearin’, crop-topped firestorm that was weekend 1 of Coachella.

And do keep in mind, these celebrities all have money to afford real clothing. They just choose to do otherwise.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

O.M.G! Are they like back together? Or just back to sharing undershirts? Only time will tell. (Photo: STS/

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens interprets the Coachella style formula as simply as possible. Peasant tops + flower crown + circle-frame sunglasses = Appropriate hippie attire. (Photo: Dome/Jones,

Katy Perry

While the other lady celebs were strolling around matter-of-factly with their boyfriends, Katy was in the snack tent. Which makes her our Coachella hero of Weekend 1. (Photo: STS/

Ashley Benson

It's no ski mask...but it'll do. (Photo: STS/

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

Oh hello underrated celebrity couple that we always forget exists. (Photo: STS/

Kate Bosworth

Lucky for Kate's all-white leather ensemble, we're pretty sure she isn't going anywhere near food. (Photo: Dome/Jones,

Hilary Duff

And a felt hat just had to happen. Thanks Hilary. (Photo: Dome/Jones,

Julianne Hough

Something about this look screams Hollister Co. 2006 collection. Could it be those exposed pockets? (Photo from STS/

Kyle Richards, NIcky HIlton and Paris Hilton

Yes, yes, of course they're here. But only because they're time machine broke and they ended up in 2013 and not 2003. (Photo: Instagram)

Emma Roberts

Heart shaped sunglasses equal whimsy! Get this on Pinterest stat. (Photo: Instagram)

Alexander Skarsgard

In a t-shirt and jeans, Alexander Skarsgard followed the vampire actor dress code of keeping it ultra casual. (Photo: STS/

Alessandra Ambrosio

Loving the vintage look of a shirt tied around a waist. Fashionable AND practical. (Photo: STS/

Ireland Baldwin

Again, crop tops and hippie head bands vomited all over the hip, rich Coachella attendants. (Photo from Dome/Jones,

Haylee Hasselhoff

Hard times hit the Hasselhoff family and they can only afford sheer clothing now. (Photo: STS/

Rumer Willis

The couple that jorts together, joins together. (It's a saying in the works.) (Photo: STS/

(Photo: Dome/Jones,

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