Watching Emma Watson Work A Stripper Pole Didn’t Make Me As Uncomfortable As I Predicted It Would

Emma Watson Perks of Being a Wallflower Premiere September 2012

Welp, I can only imagine how much the Hermione Granger fanboy forums are blowing up right now.  Actually, I don’t want to think about any fanboys whatsoever, let alone Hermoine Granger fanboys.  But if I did, I’d know that while they would have a far more enthusiastic reaction to Emma Watson working a stripper pole, our mutual consensus on the matter would be overall acceptance.

What would definitely still make me uncomfortable would be if Emma Watson really was cast as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but since she’s pretty much poo-pooed that rumor I feel much better about her role in The Bling Ring.  What’s really helped me cope with post-Harry Potter Emma Watson is reminding myself there’s a difference between a person and the characters they play, because sometimes I forget.  Like that time I searched through the moors of England to find Mr. Rochester until someone told me that Michael Fassbender is an actor, not actually Mr. Rochester.  Crazy!

If you’re dying to see Emma and a few of her co-stars portray their characters perfectly, here is the “pole-dancing” clip from The Bling Ring:

See? Not that bad.  There is enough room in our hearts to still love Hermoine Granger and all of Emma’s grown-up characters.  Just in a much different way (are you listening, fanboys? Barf.)  You know what I thought the most uncomfortable part of that clip was?  The gigantic painting of Paris Hilton in the “nightclub room” because that is probably a completely accurate depiction of what Paris Hilton’s real-life “nightclub room” looks like.  To me, that was terrifying.  I barely even noticed Emma hop up to the pole!

I’m actually looking forward to seeing this movie because I usually enjoy Sofia Coppola and   it’s nice to see that she didn’t try to cast Kirsten Dunst as a spoiled teenage burglar.

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