Kids Reading Kelly Oxford’s Tweets Will Make Your Day, Even If The Name Kelly Oxford Confuses You

Kelly Oxford Tweet Jimmy Kimmel Live April 9 2013

Before we dive into this amazing Jimmy Kimmel video, let’s talk for a hot sec about Kelly Oxford. She’s a super funny Internet celebrity who rose to fame for her hilarious tweets. If you’ve somehow never heard of her before, it’s okay, just like follow her on Twitter now  — and don’t tell anyone that you took so long to do it. Doing so would be the equivalent of walking into a party and asking everyone what happened to that girl who starred in the cross-dressing soccer movie She’s the Man.

Kelly’s currently making headlines on the reg as she travels around the talk show circuit promoting her new book, Everything is Perfect When You’re A LiarWhile I haven’t bought it yet, it’s on the top of my to-do list right now. As a professional liar, I appreciate that we’re finally getting some mainstream attention. It’s hard being a closet liar, always having to use the more P.C term “chronic exaggerator” so people feel more comfortable in my presence and always having to apologize when people take my lies seriously…and something goes wrong. Ugh. If there are any fellow liars reading this, you know what I’m talking about.

So anyway, Kelly went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk about her book. And Jimmy, who might not-so-secretly hate children, went to the streets and had a bunch of them read Kelly’s tweets. Tweets that aren’t exactly what you’d call age appropriate for elementary school kids. It’s stupidly enjoyable and I think it will make you smile. Maybe even laugh. Oh and turn you into a Kelly Oxford fan, because she really is one of the funniest people out there.

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