We Rebut Every Complaint You’ve Ever Had About Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Twilight Breaking Dawn premiere London November 2012

Today is Kristen Stewart’s 23rd birthday. And a lot of people will complain about that. Because a lot of people like to complain about Kristen Stewart. I’ll admit I’ve been one of them. She has the kind of personality that’s difficult to make sense of in this particular pop cultural climate. But as much as I’ve complained about K.Stew, I’ve also wondered why I’m complaining about her. Because, when you think about it, she breaks the mold of Hollywood in a lot of ways, and that’s the same type of behavior we praise in other stars. We love celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence who call out ridiculous interview questions and admit to eating junk food before a fancy event. So why do we hate it when Kristen Stewart takes her shoes off on the red carpet or confesses that she doesn’t love fame?

Maybe we can figure this out together by looking at a few common complaints and criticism about Kristen Stewart and approaching them from another angle. We’ll play devil’s advocate and rebut the K.Stew hate. It’s the least we can do on her special day.

Complaint #1: She’s awkward.

Kristen Stewart is awkward. I don’t think anyone can really argue with that. Some people despise her awkwardness, while others find it adorable. But let’s create a happy medium where we’re able to say, hey, there’s a girl whose public appearances aren’t rehearsed or contrived. The recent wave of Hathahaters roll their eyes at Anne Hathaway’s over-the-top, arguably inauthentic acceptance speeches. We don’t like fake people in this culture. Well, Kristen Stewart isn’t fake. She’s almost too genuine, if you think about it.

And really, in her defense, if I were accepting an MTV Movie Award, I’d probably drop it too. Those golden popcorn tubs look heavy. And also I have no coordination.

Complaint #2: She complains about being famous.

It’s a slippery slope being a celebrity who openly dislikes fame. On the one hand, we want celebrities to be doing what they do for the love of their art and not let the attention go to their heads. On the other hand, we don’t want celebrities to complain about having a lot of money and getting invited to cool places and getting to meet cool people. And it must be exhausting for celebrities to hit the right notes when talking about fame. You have to be grateful and modest and all these things at once. So maybe we can cut Kristen Stewart some slack in this case and simply appreciate the fact that she doesn’t let the fame go to her head.

Complaint #3: She hates dressing up.

This is a particularly baffling complaint, and yet another example of us expecting too many conflicting things from celebrities. We roll our eyes at celebrities who walk around the supermarket in sky-high heels, but when Kristen Stewart displays an aversion to those same types of shoes on a red carpet, we also roll our eyes. We like celebrities to look hot but also be down-to-earth. It’s actually pretty refreshing to see a young woman who puts comfort before looks and doesn’t just grin and bear it at a fancy event. I think that’s pretty cool, don’t you?

Complaint #4: She’s a bad actress.

Okay, yes. Kristen is pretty wooden in her movies. But maybe the problem isn’t just that Kristen Stewart is a bad actress. Maybe it’s that the movies she’s in are bad. Watch one minute of a Twilight movie and it’s pretty clear that franchise isn’t going to win any screenwriting awards. Bad writing can be the downfall of an actor. The majority of Kristen’s movies have a rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes, and the freshest score is an 88% for Adventureland. You might say these movies are bad because of Kristen Stewart. But Russell Crowe’s iffy performance didn’t stop Les Miserables from getting Oscar nods. Maybe Kristen just hasn’t found a really good role yet.

Complaint #5: She doesn’t smile.

This is a pretty ridiculous complaint. I see her smile all the time. Let’s face it, everybody. Smiling is exhausting, especially when you’re posing for pictures. Your face needs to relax sometimes. I don’t think Kristen Stewart hates smiling. I just think she’s a normal person who needs a break from it every once in a while.

Complaint #6: She puts her foot in her mouth.

K.Stew has a tendency to say the wrong things sometimes. A lot of controversial comments have come out of her mouth to make room for her foot, like when she said being photographed by paparazzi was like being raped. It’s tough to swallow stuff like this, but I think we have to consider a few things. One, Kristen was (and still is) a young woman when she made that comment, and she’s learning the right way to express herself. And second, I don’t envy celebrities who have to sit answering the same repetitive interview questions over and over again and are thrust onto talk show stages to tell funny stories. It’s easy to fumble and say something you don’t mean or something that doesn’t make sense. Maybe we should start relating to Kristen in this sense. We all say the wrong things sometimes.

Complaint #7: She cheated on Robert Pattinson.

I can’t argue that cheating is wrong. But I think the public response to this scandal put too much blame on Kristen for breaking up everyone’s favorite vampire romance and not enough blame on Rupert Sanders, who was not only older and in a position of authority as her director, but also a married man with children. Both parties are to blame in a cheating scandal like this, and I don’t think enough blame was placed on Sanders.

So today, let’s celebrate Kristen Stewart’s birthday by acknowledging that she breaks the mold and doesn’t sacrifice who she is for the sake of Hollywood. She might not always be a laugh-riot, but we have to admit she’s one of our most down-to-earth stars. And that’s even more true because she likes to wear sneakers.

Plus, Emma Watson defended her, which is pretty cool.

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    • P Befumo

      Thank you. It’s time to stop piling on this woman for simply being who she is.

    • Hannah

      Thank you. I really like K. Stew.

    • Leave her alone

      why don’t you evil tabloids authors just leave Kristen Stewart alone, are you crazy that you have keep on yupping about her. You are just broke, ugly women sitting behind filthy blogs spewing hate. You are disgusting!!

      • Chloe

        How is this hate? The writer’s actually defending her. Did you even read the article?

    • Lily

      Not even a fan, but I think she gets way too much shit. There are so many men who have said and done way worse things. Johnny Depp has made the same rape comment in an even worse context (his was just about posing for the cameras, not the paps). There are several actors who have beaten and cheated on their significant others, from Sean Penn to Terrence Howard to Russell Crowe. And yet Kristen Stewart is the devil. Not to mention, I feel like RPattz has bitched about fame just as much as she has. I remember reading an interview where he said Twitter ruined his life and he wanted to castrate the paps, and yet there was virtually none of the criticism. If he was a woman, he would have been slaughtered for making those same kind of comments. Lastly, girl does get good reviews for some of her movies. I remember a lot of the reviews for On the Road (I have a Sam Riley crush and read several) said she was excellent; I also remember she received a bunch of good reviews for playing Joan Jett. So while I think she was shitty in Twilight and that Snow White movie, I can acknowledge there are times when she does a decent job.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        It seems like she should stick to indie movies, since they seem to be her better roles and it might allow her to fall off the radar a little.

    • MaryJanice Davidson

      I don’t think much of Stewart but you made some great observations. SMeyer and I are in the same genre (my first vamp romance, UNDEAD AND UNWED, came out the year before TWILIGHT) and I’m willing to admit that my disdain for Stewart stems from my unreasonable grinding envy of all things Twilight. Damn you, Smeyer! ;-)

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    • Janet Davis

      Okay, okay……I’ll ALLOW some leeway here, because it was her birthday…..but lets not get TOO CRAZY.
      My main point of contention? The Rupert Sanders thing. Not b/c she cheated….I mean, HELLO? this happens far too often to be surprising. No, my issue is with so many people saying Rupert Sanders should’ve born the brunt of the blame.
      The following statements are true:
      Yes, he was married. (Bad Rupert!)
      He also has small children. (Double BAD!!)
      Older than Stewie? That’s a YES.

      Now onto the NOT TRUE, as in FALSE:
      Rupert, as the director of SWATH had “power” over Stewie. I’m going to call BS here & as such, I shall explain why…..

      Kristen Stewart is a household name, she helmed the record-breaking Twilight series as main character Bella, did (surprisingly) well with SWATH & has been in a slew of movies in recent years. Good or bad, those movies inspire chatter, people TALK ABOUT THEM & it ain’t no bad thing to be being talked about. What’s the saying? There is no bad press? And this is without me even mentioning the fascination the world has had regarding her relationship with her former co-star, Robert Pattinson. In Hollyweird & the world of movies, Stewart has power.

      Now, onto Sanders…..before SWATH Rupert Sanders directed COMMERCIALS. Not run of the mill types but those slick, edgy ones, but still….just commercials. Sanders most notable effort before SWATH was an advertisement that won him two Golden Lions at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival celebrating his television advertisement for Halo 3: ODST. Yes, that’s right, his most “known” project was a video game commercial. SWATH was his FIRST major motion picture.

      Humor me & compare the 2……after doing so, do you REALLY THINK that Sanders was in the “power position” here? If you’re honest with yourself, then NO, no he wasn’t. What type of influence would Sanders, a first time director, formerly known ONLY for a Halo 3 commercial, have to exert on an actress who has the popularity of Stewart? I’ll answer that, NOT MUCH. Stewart is the “power-side” of this coupling, hands down. Stewart, at the height of her career when this happened had & still has quite a bit more prominence than Sanders. That type of clout if you will translates to leverage/impact which translates to notoriety & CONNECTIONS. Stewart has the control, merely due to the significant force of her fan base & the fame that has accompanied it.

      I’m trying to state, in a very “word-y” fashion, WHAT, in the name of MIKE could Sanders have been able to coerce Stewart into doing? An actress of her stature? PLEEEEASE! Any type of persuasions on Sanders part wouldn’t have left the ground. Stewart out-ranked Sanders before even getting out of bed in the morning! So I’m not buying that Sanders, as her director actually had her in a submissive position. The claim is laughable if you really think on it.

      With THAT type of influence? A former director of commercials? Yeah……RiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiGHTTTT. Say it. Out loud….. Trust me, it’s sounds even more ridiculous when you verbalize it.

      Bottom line: Sanders influencing her to hook up with him? That’d be a hell no, so moving on……
      The end game? They were BOTH GUILTY AS F@&K. Equally, neither should’ve had anymore share than the other. It was a (ahhhemmmm) “group effort”, as it takes two & in cases like this I’ve never felt that either party bore more guilt unless there were EXTRAORDINARY circumstances. Both Stewart & Sanders were pretty stupid & I’d say they are paying there penance, Sanders=DIVORCE, Stewart=having to “tow the line” & basically kiss Pattinson’s ass to get him back & keep him. Neither consequence were small things, I’m sure both feel the sting quite vividly today.

      So on this? I feel that while Stewart hasn’t earned a freebie, the public should give her a pass. It’s happened, she’s suffered & it’s not really our business. Stewart learned the very adult lesson that with stupidity come unpleasant repercussions. Hopefully it’s a lesson learned, one she won’t be apt to repeat, at least for her own sake.