• Mon, Apr 8 2013

Mockingjay Starts Production This Fall, Because Nothing Goes Better With A Bloody Revolution Than Fall Foilage

Mockingjay Book CoverGreat news for people who love revolution, but hate getting their own hands dirty! The second to last Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay, Part One, is rumored to start production as early as this fall. Which means that you’ll have approximately 0 time to forget the franchise exists since Catching Fire’s due to come out in theaters this Thanksgiving, just two months after production starts on Mockingjay. I know, the chronology’s starting to get a little confusing. But considering I read all the books in one socially-unproductive weekend a few summers ago, I don’t even know what happens when anymore.

***WARNING:Spoilers ahead! Also Julia Robert’s movie references. If either of those things bother you, please throw out your computer and start using a typewriter.***

For example, I don’t know if Katniss Everdeen goes on her Eat, Pray, Love, Meth journey before or after she plays just the tips with Peeta Mellark. Also I can’t recall when Gale Hawthorne transforms from a lovable squirrel hunter to a revolutionary with an agenda. Also when does Snape kill Dumbledore? Before Harry Potter gets cast in Divergent or after Bella Swan gives birth to a mudblood? Ugh, it’s all so jumbled in my brain that I might just have to reread them all. You know, so I can be as informed as possible as I bring you news about the Catching Fire’s upcoming premiere as well as Mockingjay’s upcoming production. The only thing that really stands out clearly in my mind now is when Katniss Everdeen discovers that Miley Cyrus is behind the whole revolution and was just using it to spread twerking nationwide.

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