Jon Gosselin Busted For Stealing From Kate, Proves He Has A Lot To Learn About Espionage

Jon Gosselin hosting a party at The Standard Hotel in LA June 2010In case you were considering hiring Jon Gosselin to be a member of your super secret spy team that pranks its ex-wives and gets away clean with no paper trail…DON’T DO IT, because it turns out that Jon Gosselin is not good at spy stuff. Like at all. I know that because some text messages were released today in which he openly and fully admits to doing something that up until now he’d been denying having any part of: stealing his ex-wife Kate Gosselin‘s hard drive. Jon apparently took it in order to be able to provide it to Robert Hoffman, a man who wrote an anti-Kate (and unauthorized) biography, and to eventually profit off the sale of said book, which is a pretty big no-no, as it turns out. We know he took it because he left a pretty incriminating paper trail of intent- and detail-filled text messages from October 14th, 2009. Take a gander:

“I’ll be back soon grabbing Kate’s computer before she gets home. I need that hard drive. I will put the nail in her coffin someday from it.”

Oh man. Not only is Jon not at all intelligent about covering his tracks, he also seems to think that hard drives are good for putting nails into coffins. You should use a hammer for that, buddy! I’ll be Kate did all the handiwork around the house, huh? (Also quick side note: how did we let these two into our lives again??) Annnnd he continues:

“I’m giving it to a good friend of mine to hold [...] Remember Rob from the Diner [...] we are working on something together but I will only be a silent partner. No one will know. Rob is going to say he took it from our garbage.”

And, welp! That’s exactly what happened! Jon seems to have passed it off to to this Robert Hoffman guy, who then wrote his book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, and included documents, photographs, and emails from her hard drive. It’s subsequently been pulled off the market by Kate’s lawyers cause…you know…you’re not supposed to steal personal information from someone in order to write a book about them. Or if you do, you’re not supposed to brag about it via text. Or something.

So this is all pretty shady and whatnot, but I’m just sitting here impressed by Jon Gosselin. You’d've been hard-pressed to leave details about your intentions in a text message more clearly or succinctly than you did. Well done.

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    • Jill O’Rourke

      I can’t believe no one caught him earlier. Those Ed Hardy burglar outfits are hard to miss.

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    • Inspirational Women

      Don’t leave Kate Gosselin out of this…Hailey Glassman is suing Kate for stealing those text messages from her…Kate wasn’t authorized to use without Hailey’s consent and Kate bullied her and her parents (The ones who helped Kate get her belly tucked) for not being part of the Class Action Lawsuit against Jon and everyone else who she claims bullied her. Go back and pull up the article released minutes behind this article. Both are dirty in this fiasco

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’d like to leave them both out of this, frankly, and never hear from either of them again.

      • Inspirational Women

        Cool…we see your point…and we agree..we really in fact don’t want to hear no more for either one. But one thing we must consider in our comment is…how can Jon steal a marital asset since he and Kate was still married at the time no matter what was on the hard drive or discs?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Even if that’s true, he insisted he had no part in taking the hard drive, and the texts prove that he was lying.

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