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Last Night’s SNL Showed Us Once Again Melissa McCarthy Is The Queen Of Physical Comedy

Melissa McCarthy Hosting Saturday Night Live April 6 2013

Everyone says it because it’s true –  Melissa McCarthy isn’t afraid of getting physical and being silly.  Physical, “slapstick” comedy isn’t as popular as it used to be, especially for women in a world where everyone is worried about how hot they look at all times (Instagram, I’m looking at you).  But my life spirit guide, Amy Poehler, says it best: “There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.”  And that power for Melissa McCarthy was one fearless, funny episode of SNL.

From her monologue to a skit that showcased the most perfect ham presentation I’ve ever seen (it’s not online due to copyright issues with the song, but it was amazing and I will do everything in my power to find it), Melissa McCarthy was fifty shades of great.  I was a little disappointed that the Hidden Valley Ranch-loving character didn’t make a re-appearance testing out another product, like Helmann’s Mayo or marshmallow Fluff, but since that was really my only gripe I’ll let it slide. Below are my 5 best scenes last night.

1.) Cold open.  This is probably the most exciting and funny North Korea will ever be, and major snaps to Bobby Moynihan for muttering in fake Korean for over four minutes.

2.) ESPN’s Outside the Lines. Oh my God, I was dying.  Watching Melissa McCarthy throw toasters at basketball players and whiz around the court in a golf cart in a fit of coach rage was amazing.  Her wig and pantsuit/white Reeboks combo was the icing on the cake.  I also kept picturing the scenario Melissa McCarthy described to Jimmy Fallon during this scene.

3.) Monologue.  Is it bad that all I kept thinking of was Lena Dunham struggling to walk like a baby deer at the Golden Globes?  The monologue was just long enough, just funny enough, and it was nice that the writers strayed from the requisite 5 minute story or the fake question and answer bit that we all know and love. I also really enjoy it when the band seems to love everything that’s going on onstage during a monologue–and these guys definitely did.

4.) Drunk Uncle and Peter Drunklage. Drunk Uncle has quickly become as much of a Weekend Update favorite as Stefon.  Adding in Tyrion Lannister as his drinking companion was definitely a highlight of the night.

5.) The Voice.  While I felt like this could have been better somehow, by either going farther with McCarthy’s character or the judges’ personalities, it was still a well-done sketch.  Kate McKinnon’s Shakira was my favorite part.

Honorable mention:  I have to give it to the “Pizza Business” sketch.  Melissa McCarthy is really good at being hilariously relentless.

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