Perhaps Jay-Z And Beyonce Should Have Celebrated Their Anniversary Somewhere Other Than Cuba


Beyonce Jay-Z  Christmas Shopping 2012Did you hear that?  It was the sound of Jay-Z and Beyonce laughing in the face of the law.  Or laughing at the long arm of the law.  Whatever, either way they were laughing and pish-poshing the notion that traveling to Cuba for tourism is illegal for United States citizens.  Obviously Cuban democracy advocates just don’t get it — this is Jay-Z.  And Beyonce.  Obtaining a “cultural exchange license” to travel to the volatile country of Cuba is something one of their assistants totally probably took care of.

A little history lesson (I’ll make it quick, I know you people have Justin Bieber monkey photos to ogle after this): America’s 51-year embargo makes it illegal for U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba solely for tourism.  Also, Cuban immigrants risk their lives regularly–in ways you can’t even imagine–to escape their home country and come to America.  You think Gloria Estefan could have done The Conga with as much success in Cuba?  Probs not.

Also, Beyonce is all about controversy lately, claiming she’s a feminist while singing about things that aren’t very feminist-y. And her upcoming tour is named in honor of her husband! Let’s all just shake our fists in indignation right now! Fun fact: Jay-Z honest-to-God legally took Beyonce’s last name when they got married.  So shut up, haterz.)

So naturally, a lot of people/diplomats/ambassadors/readers of TMZ are pissed at the ignorance that could possibly be associated with vacationing in a communist, hostile nation.

“There are women getting beaten on a daily basis, women who are being jailed for no reason … people are fighting for their freedom. It’s extremely insensitive,” said Mauricio Claver-Carone, the Executive Director of Cuba Democracy Advocates in Washington, D.C., a group dedicated to promoting democracy in the Caribbean country.

But look at them, Mauricio! They are playing the part of Cuban tourist perfectly.  That hat!  Those braids!  That dress!  Can you really hold it against them?  Where else is Jay-Z going to sport Ernest Hemingway’s wardrobe?  Can you really be upset at the King and Queen of America for disobeying a silly little law when they look that good?  It’s their anniversary, for God’s sake.  And they’re not exactly the all-inclusive Cancun resort type of people, you know.  Pssshh.


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    • Chris

      It really is such a stupid and outdated law. Citizens of every other nation get to enjoy traveling to Cuba, yet Americans are forbidden because the government can’t get over a 50 year old grudge. As someone who has actually traveled to Cuba, it is a beautiful country with hundreds of years of history. The people are lovely and all this propaganda you hear about it being backwards and crazy is just nonsense. It’s a shame that traveling to Cuba is considered “controversial” and “rebellious.”

      • Cassandra Hough

        Agreed. I just love it that Beyonce and Jay-Z are probably the only two people who could dismiss it like that.

      • jenver

        Damn, your generation just terrifies me. Do some research before you make stupid claims like this. You would sell other human beings down the river and let them rot in jail just so you could have a great place to vacation?? What a twisted, selfish generation of young people you are.

      • Cassandra Hough

        I don’t know what you mean, but that’s because I’m really distracted with my human trafficking business right now sorry.

      • CanBB

        I’m Canadian, Iv been to Cuba for my 12th grade graduation trip. Cuba is beautiful and all thhe resorts as well; all of what Americans hear is purely propaganda. The people are genuinely happy and it doesn’t matter what type of government they have over there. The few cases of people wanting to escape are very rare and the people find it insulting that they are constantly being mispercieved. You should do your research befor posting such an ignorant and redundant comment. Don’t believe everything the media tells you. This was a stupid law the US has passed.

      • Yvonne Metiche

        why does that bother you when you say you agree that the embargo is ridiculous, cassandra? you aren’t making much sense. just because it’s a celeb couple? is that why it angers you? that’s not a good enough reason.

        i would love to travel to cuba as a tourist or for purposes of journalism, humanitarian efforts or whatever.

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    • BenOverschie

      Maybe the US should mind their own business. Poverty enough in the US.
      Anyone thinks it normal to forbid citizens to travel to any place. Russia was never outlawed. So why would Cuba be? They can have any government they like. Or must it be a US approved somebody in charge like Pinochet?

      • Daisy

        Right?! For all the US’s history of installing murderous dictators–as long as they’re right-wing–they have no leg to stand on to say anything about other countries’ governments. Also, I would find the prospect of living in the States way scarier than living in Cuba. (I’ve been to the States many times, but you could not pay me enough money to live there permanently.)

        Seriously, Canadians go to Cuba all the time, and it is no big deal. It ain’t exactly the DRC. I could probably name 30 countries off the top of my head that I’d be more hesitant to support than Cuba.

    • Yvonne Metiche

      note to the writer of this article: you don’t know under what auspices they were in cuba. all we see are pictures of them in cuba. we don’t know which license they used to travel and for what reason.

      this ban against traveling to cuba is totally stupid and only represents a decades long grudge the US government has had against this country.

      i also think that because this couple is black, law makers are even more incensed that they would DARE do this.

    • Martin

      Perhaps we should mind our own business on this one.

    • NName591

      From a devil’s advocate point of view, if the law is outdated, it is STILL the law.
      The current trend, to say its ok to break a law, is extremely dangerous. Further, there are very valid reasons we don’t and should not support communist countries. You and I may not see why, but that means the sanctions are working. It is foolish for Bey and Z to FUND communism. Because that’s precisely what they just did.

    • DiamondDNice

      I don’t give a damn if people go to Cuba. I got nothing against Cubans. I don’t hate Cuba or Cubans. I don’t even think about them.

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