Live, Laugh Links: There Will Never Be Too Many Taylor Swift Parodies

• Hold the phone. The Taylor Swift ”22″ parody, “32″ may be my favorite Taylor Swift parody to date. Because it’s just so real. (The Frisky)

• Ok Nicole Scherzinger, we get it. You can sing. (OK Gorgeous)

• 6 things an online dater should know… (Your Tango)

• The new Great Gatsby trailer features the ultimate dream playlist. (College Candy)

• Spring is the time to do something spontaneous! (The College Crush)

• Relatable tween girl face off: Lizzie McGuire vs. Clarissa Darling. Who will win? (Gurl)

• My haircut was supposed to be a modern day Rachel, not a Friends Season 1 Rachel. (Ladyish)

Angelina Jolie‘s new jewelry line is funding schools in Afghanistan, because she will always be more charitable than you. (Betty Confidential)

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