Irrefutable Evidence That Robert Downey Jr Is The Best

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Robert Downey Jr. turns 48 today…and he is simply the best. I could end the article right there because I think we are all in agreeance of his awesomeness. However, for the sake of nostalgia and for the sake of a potential learning experience for all the kids hanging around here, I will list some of my favorite reasons that Robert Downey Jr’s my favorite. I will not, however, include any Iron Man or Sherlock Holmes. So, just accept that. Because, although he was the absolute highlight and really the only reason to see those films, they were not classic RDJr style and they were just borderline awful. And yes, they made money and they were entertaining to the masses, but it pained me to see him in such a commerical role. Tear in my eye. But let’s move on to remembering the better times…

Robert Downey Jr. was a Saturday Night Live cast member in 1985

Robert Downey SNL cast photo April 4, 2013


Even though his uncle was a writer on the show, I’m pretty sure RDJr displayed his comedic chops and gained entry into the prestigious SNL actors club almost entirely on his own spectacular merit. I mean, the man is hilarious. He’s also the only former SNL cast member to be nominated for an Academy Award (Best Actor).

Robert Downey Jr. was robbed of his Best Actor Academy Award in 1992

Robert Downey Jr sniffing rose as Charlie Chaplin


And he didn’t freak out. Because, although Unforgiven and Clint Eastwood cleaned up that year, pretty much everyone agreed that Robbie D Jr deserved acclaim for his protrayal of Charlie Chaplin. No dice. But let’s head back to the 80′s real quick…

Robert Downey Jr. tried drugs at age 6 and is still a successful and functioning actor/human being.

Robert Downey Jr Mugshot


Well, let’s be honest, he also continued to do drugs until the late 90′s, buuuuut he’s a former child actor who isn’t Lindsay Lohan. Or Danny Bonaduce. Or Amanda Bynes. I could go on, but let’s just sum it up by saying Robert Downey Jr. made it over the Former Child Actor Crazy Hump. And he’s amazing.

Robert Downey Jr. is a quasi-brat pack member…but mostly, he was in Less Than Zero

Robert Downey Jr. smoking ciragette in Less Than Zero


In his most profound “life imitating art” role, RDJr launched into popularity as Julian Wells, the drug addict hooker. It doesn’t get more 80′s than Less Than Zero and Robert Downey Jr. and drug use. So there’s that. Also, Anthony Michael Hall is totally Indio Downey’s godfather (RDJr’s son). If that isn’t awesome…well, you’re lame.

Robert Downey Jr. was on Ally McBeal when he made his first comeback.

Robert Downey Jr. in Ally McBeal


Then, I’m pretty sure the reality of him being on a show like Ally McBeal made him go all drug crazy again and he was spotted and arrested several times during and after. Despite his legal team being the same who represented OJ Simpson, the judge still wasn’t standing for his shenanigans so RDJr checked himself back into rehab. Which brings me to his second comeback…

Robert Downey Jr. was in Elton John’s “I Want Love” music video.

Robert Downey Jr. in Elton John I Want Love music video


Remember that? remember music videos?? When he came back onto the scene, that’s the best Robert Downey Jr. way to do it. And also, he rocked as the hilarious gay brother in Home For The Holidays. Seriously one of my favorite RDJr-ers of all time.

Robert Downey Jr. sorta did Blackface in Tropic Thunder and got away with it.

Robert Downey Jr holding gun in Tropic Thunder


Hilariously. I mean, everyone loved it because they knew it was Robert Downey Jr. playing a White method actor who is supposed to be playing a Black man. Doesn’t sound OK? Have you seen Tropic Thunder? Even Tom Cruise was into it. But really, I’m not sure who else could have done a better job and not caused waves. He’s the best.

Robert Downey Jr. can always be quoted.

Robert Downey Jr. 1989 quote


“Do I want to be a hero to my son? No. I would like to be a very real human being. That’s hard enough.” AND “I know very little about acting. I’m just an incredibly gifted faker.” AND (my favorite) “Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the f*ck you were gonna do anyway.” Well said, Robbie, well said.

Robert Downey Jr’s self-proclaimed religious beliefs are Jewish-Buddhist.

Robert Downey Jr. with polaroid camera


And that’s it. Enough said. Pretty much, all-around cool.



There are many other Robert Downey Jr-isms that we know and love…his anonymous blogging antics, his performance in Zodiac, his numerous awards, his affinity to look superb in a tuxedo/suit and tie with messy hair, his adorable children with his adorable wife and his power to reinvent himself over and over. And I’m sure I’ve left out some of your favorites. But please, feel free to remind everyone…and to share and spread the Robert Downey Jr. love. Happy Birthday, you ol’ devil you!

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    • Ganieda Moher

      I agree with all of the above, except with your dissing of the Iron Man/Avengers and Sherlock Holmes films. This is elitism, my friend, and you are overlooking the fact that great actors can do great work EVEN IN GENRE FILMS – and sometimes especially in genre films. (“Genre” in this case meaning blockbuster action-adventure movies.) I don’t think there is any question that “Iron Man” and “The Avengers” are wonderful movies — critically acclaimed as well as enormous audience favorites.

      Robert does some of his best career work as the complex, self-loathing, surface-egotist, doomed romantic, hero-at-heart, sacrificial Tony Stark — it’s a role that certainly would have earned him an Oscar nomination had it not been for the fact that it was in a Marvel comic-book movie, which Oscar immediately dismisses as being not up to its elitist standards, preferring to reward good little dramas that no one actually sees.

      And Robert’s Sherlock Holmes is flat-out superb (I can say this, as a lover, collector and watcher of all things Sherlock Holmes for the past three decades or so) — he is SO unfairly dissed for this role, because people, again with a jaundiced eye, see his two Sherlock Holmes movies as merely action comedies, when there is SO much more going on within them. I would go so far as to say his Holmes is the best of the three popular Holmes adaptations today (the RDJ movies, Elementary and the BBC series). The two TV adaptations are pretty good, but their Sherlocks are SO odd, twitchy and off-canon as to be almost different characters entirely — not really Sherlock Holmes. (But then, what is “really” Sherlock Holmes? Adaptations are free to create whatever characters they like, and we are pretty blessed to have three such good ones carrying on at the same time!) Robert’s Holmes is closest to Conan Doyle’s, though — if you look past the the comedy shenanigans and the other trappings of a major tentpole motion picture blockbuster (remember, the two RDJ Holmes movies have made more than a BILLION dollars at the box office), you see a Sherlock Holmes who is deeply complex and conflicted, committed to justice (as was the Holmes of canon), in despair because his only friend is leaving him, yet determined to go so far as to sacrifice himself to defend the world and those he cares for. Some of the most heart-wrenching moments in movies in the past three or four years have been in the RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies – watch in particular the scene where Mary Morstan throws wine in his face in the first movie, and Watson’s wedding scene in the second – mostly because Robert can convey such volumes of meaning in a look or a slump of shoulder. “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” in particular, has a script that is so tightly and marvelously constructed, so full of beautiful little character moments, that it’s used as an example in film schools for how best to write a modern action-adventure.

      So don’t dismiss the action-adventures out of hand. They are definitely NOT “borderline awful,” as you put it. “Iron Man” and “Sherlock Holmes” deserve their place among the very best of Robert Downey Jr.’s work — as Sir Ben Kingsley (who should know) put it just this week when asked what it was like working with Robert, there are “layers upon layers upon layers” to these characters, and if you look at more than just the surface, you will see and enjoy that too, and perhaps even be in awe. Give them another look, and see.

    • shazia

      ROBERT DOWNEY JR. is the best of the best, no one I mean no one can compeit him. the way he enacts his role given to him- romantic, serious, action, comedy, anything. is just amazing. The fact that he was a drug adduct but he overcomed that part of life, really helped in the future movies, because for him it’s like he is that person he is enacting.

      He has been the favourite’s among people and especially girls mainly because of 2 imp things- his tremendous fashion sense and the way he sees things.
      these 2 things make him the best actor, but lets not forget the fact about his really great beard, I mean he has the sexiest beard, Dont u think!

      He as an actor is amazing and in person too. the best sellers of all time was- iron man, tropic thunder, sherlock holmes and eventually everythings he’s ever acted in.

      I love his melodious voice I mean that strong and firm voice, that manly voice. And that amazing holmes accent for which he practiced for like 20 yrs is totally awesome.

      He’s just so charming and dashing and we have to admire the fact that for RBjr. – the older he gets the hotter he looks. his passion for acting, that love for his roles that team work effort he puts is just wow! I love him, his son would be proud to have him as a father, cuz his dad would be so cute and handsome and we cant deny the fact that he is iron man and the best detective.

      he might have had a hard time during his past, but that was the only bond relationship he and his father shared. But he tends to wrongs the rights for his son, what mistake his father had done he didnt want that to happen with his son too. And look now, he is a great father and an brave artists with great talents.
      he tends to reach the highest peak and to never look back down or fall down.
      I would just conclude by saying that- “I love him, and if I get a wish I would wish to kiss him, and alsoI think that his wife must be having a hard time to protect her husband from so many girls cuz everyone wants him, so I would Advise her to keep him safe, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to that shiny piece ofbnig diamond.”