The New ‘Seven Minutes In Heaven’ With Jon Hamm Is Surprisingly Adorable

Jon Hamm on Seven Minutes in Heaven with Mike O'BrienI never thought that the adjective ‘adorable’ would supersede the adjective ‘sexy’ in my mental description of Jon Hamm – especially after all this controversial talk about his penis lately — but that’s exactly what happened after I watched him in the new episode of ‘Seven Minutes In Heaven’. In case you’re not familiar with the concept, ‘Seven Minutes In Heaven’ is a webseries created by Saturday Night Live writer Mike O’Brien, who invites celebrity guests to join him in his closet for a seven minute interview. It’s also a paralyzingly terrifying truth-or-dare-based party game that you may remember from middle school where you had to go into the closet with someone and theoretically make out with them for seven minutes. (Although if you were more attractive and/or popular than I was, the ‘paralyzingly terrifying’ part may not hold true in your particular experience.) But in any case, true to its roots, the Mike O’Brien version also promises a kiss, and it can come at any time during the interview, which is a really fun way to watch people interact.

Anyway, his newest video stars Jon Hamm, and, frankly, it’s pretty adorbz. Mike breaks out the tickle monster, talks about Jon’s first job on Ally McBeal, and channels ‘that bearded guy’ from Inside The Actor’s Studio to find out Jon’s most absurd feature (his face) and his exact address in Los Angeles (nice try). He also has Jon read the first scene from the final episode of Mad Men‘s fifth season, in which Don Draper refers to January Jones by her real name and discusses his heated masturbation plans for later. That’s not exactly how I remember that season ending, but I was pretty blacked out on whiskey and chain-smoking at the time, so I could be wrong.

And then they kiss. And I’m reminded that Jon Hamm is sexy yet again. You always surprise me, Ron Draper, you old bowler hat-wearing so-and-so.

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    • Jill O’Rourke

      I think the tickle monster needs to be a new character this season on Mad Men.