I’m Surprised To Say I Missed Christina Aguilera During The Voice Premiere

The Voice

I am about to admit something I never thought I would admit, but I just can’t help it. It’s how I feel. During last night’s season 4 premiere of The Voice on NBC, I missed former judge Christina Aguilera. There, I said it. It wasn’t because new judges Usher and Shakira were so terrible or offensive. I just found myself missing that little dose of crazy during the judges’ comments.

When Christina and Cee Lo Green left the show to focus on their own careers — and probably to spend time with their wigs — they were replaced with Shakira and Usher. I didn’t really know what to expect from either of them going in, because I’m not that familiar with them as artists or pop culture personalities. But I did know that neither of them had cockatoos on their shoulders, and they were both wearing full pairs of pants. So right away it was a little difficult to get used to them.

The new judges are already trying to find their “things.” Usher spent the entire show sitting back in his chair with one leg up, sweet-talking contestants and playing the Justin Bieber card. He also made the mistake of calling Nashville a state, which the other judges will never let him live down. I could have done without Usher’s “I’m so cool, I don’t even have to sit up straight” attitude, since I already have to deal with Adam Levine’s cockiness and Blake Shelton’s creepy finger-pointing habit. I wasn’t actively offended by Usher’s presence, but it didn’t really do much for me, in terms of entertainment value or convincing me that he would be a good mentor. But it was only the first episode of auditions, so there’s a chance his mentoring skills will surprise me.

Shakira doesn’t seem to have a “thing” yet, but she’s already trying to fill Christina’s platforms by arguing with Adam. I’m all for people calling Adam Levine out on his douchey behavior (Stop standing on your chair! This is not Dead Poets Society!), but like Usher, it didn’t do much for me. Again, nothing terrible, just blah.

Which brings me to the reason I missed Christina. Like Cee Lo, Christina always brought the crazy, usually through her outfits and her habit of breaking into song at the drop of a hat to demonstrate how the contestant could have changed his or her song. Sure, it could get annoying sometimes, but looking back on Christina’s comments, she would do more than just beg the contestants to be on her team. Yeah, she did some of that, but she also gave constructive criticism that showed she knows about singing. There’s no denying Christina has a killer voice, and while she might not have been my favorite judge personality-wise, if I were a singer I’d probably feel pretty confident being trained by her.

Christina Aguilera The Voice

That said, when I watch The Voice, I watch to hear the singing. (Gasp!) However, since I have to sit through ten minutes of the coaches fighting over each of the contestants, I might as well enjoy that part, too, right?

Maybe Shakira and Usher will turn out to be better at mentoring than they are at entertaining. But for now, I wouldn’t object to Xtina and Cee Lo returning. And Cee Lo’s cat can come, too.

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    • Melissa

      The show lagged the chemistry the previous 4 had…Cee Lo and Christina always surprised me with their outfits…and lets face it whether or not you agreed with her Christina was the only true honest one and no one is gonna be that this season

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Yeah, something was off about the dynamic with the new hosts.

    • http://twitter.com/nikkiluv897 Nicole S

      Your right I miss Christina Aguilera she had that it thing that it wasn’t boring!! Plus girl can sing sing!! I missed Ceelo 2 with his crazy animals

      • Jenni

        I already miss Ceelo having random animals perched on his shoulders!

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    • Wolf Call

      BS. Christina has the best vocal ability of any judge on the show, but she was the least likeable personality overall. Please (please) don’t encourage her tendency to dress her chubby self like a teenage diva. It is NOT entertaining and definitely NOT sexy. She’s a gross pig. She looks like a cross between miss piggy and hatchet face. And you should not feel comfortable with her as your trainer. She’s so dang one dimensional. Even though Blake is pigeon-holed by his own genre, he manages to transcend genres while coaching very effectively. Christina can only seem to TRY and coach people to sing similar to her style. Which means an endless string of tired vocal runs. Boring. That’s why she’ll never win the show.

    • jake

      I really think someone should tell Usher that this show is based on “your Voice”, not how you “Perform it”. It seams that Usher never got the memo on why the “The Voice”, is “Not American Idol”. You supposed to be coaching them on how to use your voice not how you perform. Shakiria,Adam,Blake=great!