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A Small Sampling Of Offensive Things The Duggars Have Said Aloud

The Duggars Season Four Entire Family

There’s something about the Duggars that drives me crazy. And that something is everything they say and everything they do. Because if they’re not just outright saying something offensive, they’re using their reality show to spread their Pleasantville propaganda under the guise of “showing the world what it’s like to live in a big family.”

Ever since the very first TV special they did back in 2004, they’ve claimed to have no ulterior motives for being on TV. It’s just about showing the world what it’s like to be a Duggar. And when you watch the first time, it looks pretty good to be a Duggar. Everyone’s nice and everyone’s sweet and everyone’s just excited to be doing their chores. But watch for more than a few minutes and you’ll start to realize that something’s a little bit off with the family. Or maybe it’s that something’s a little bit too on. I don’t know, they just give me the creeps, in the same way that a cult would. There’s wrong with having as many children as you want — as long as they’re not being raised to believe that we’re living in a 1950s sitcom where men are always right, science is always wrong and education is always overrated. Which we sadly know isn’t the case at the Duggar household.

Newsflash to all the people who defend them: girls aren’t naturally drawn to wearing long skirts every single day of their life. That’s just a fact — backed up by the fact that several companies sell pants for ladies.

Tonight concludes their three-part “Duggars Go to Asia and Say Mildly Offensive Things” TV special — and in honor of that ending, I thought we could just take a quick trip down memory lane and reminisce about all the times they’ve offended us in the past. You know, offended use to the point that we’ve wanted to reach through the TV, grab them out of it and make Jim Bob Duggar birth a few babies himself before continuing to babble on about the miracle of childbirth.

Michelle Duggar’s reveals her “Tips for a Happy Marriage” revolve around always putting your husband first

seven basic needs of a husband


Last year Michelle Duggar shared that the secret to her happy and healthy marriage was to always remember the 7 Basic Needs of a Husband. Unless you’re into uncontrollable fits of rage, I recommend you avoid clicking on that link. Just know that it includes always putting your husband’s needs first. No matter what. Oh and remembering that women are less than, in general.

The Duggars claim overpopulation is a myth

In an inane interview aired on the Christian Broadcasting Network last year, Michelle Duggar claimed that overpopulation is a myth and there can never be too many children in the world. Because as she puts it, “the idea of overpopulation is not accurate because really the entire population of the world, if they were stretched shoulder to shoulder, could fit within the city limits of Jacksonville.” Which is only true, if Jacksonville’s a euphenism for several countries.

The Duggars claim evolution’s a fallacy

Nothing like a little trip to the Creationist museum to remind kids that evolution’s just a liberal conspiracy designed to distract them while Satan starts collecting souls.

 The Duggars use their kids to campaign for Rick Santorum

Everyone knows that the Duggars are an intensely religious and conservative family that’s not at all shy about sharing their beliefs. Yet when they campaigned for Rick Santorum early last year, they didn’t take a serious stand. Instead they used their kids as adorable little props to spread their propaganda. Serious political statements sound so much charming coming out of the mouths of toddlers! Unless we’re supposed to believe that five-year-olds really are concerned about the direction of the country.

The Duggars truly believe that abortion’s equivalent to the Holocaust



Or I should say they have no problem comparing the two in an attempt to rile people up and get them on to the anti-choice side of the battle. Jim Bob actually had the audacity to say that touring the Holocaust museum reminded him of all the babies being aborted every single year — opposed to reminding him of the time that millions of innocent people (capable of living outside of a womb) got imprisoned and murdered. To each his own reminders when touring the Holocaust museum.

The Duggars proudly talk about teaching their babies self control

Because, you know, it’s never too young to start teaching children to stop exploring their surroundings. After all curious children might do something crazy, like develop their own thoughts and opinions and ideas. And we wouldn’t want that now would we?

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  • ASeyler55

    A lot of hate filled comments in this post and in the comments. The ironic thing is Liberals purport to have the monopoly on tolerance– oh yes, that is unless, you are confronted with someone who *gasp* are conservative!. Then by all means, cast stones at those who dare to uphold traditional values and self-righteously proclaim your intellectual and moral high ground.

    • RW

      “Traditional” values are worth disparaging when they are downright ignorant (no such thing as overpopulation or evolution); utterly self-serving (using your children to pimp your political beliefs, and no one has that many kids because they are altruistic); and use national tv to promote and advocate their beliefs and admonish other people for not knowing their place (women), not being the governing force (men), having sex if not married, not making enough babies IF married, and that fucked up shit about babies learning discipline. You want to spew all that crap out publicly, be prepared to be judged by people with open minds and education who are offended by those who want to preach at them and call them evil and wrong for being pro-choice or NOT judging others who have sex before marriage.

      That’s not conservative, that’s coming out from under your rock to criticize everyone who doesn’t live under the same rocks.

  • Laurennn

    I have been roaming around this site for the last hour reading all of your personal takes on the Duggars, and although I am already aware that what I am reading could potentially bother me as I am a teenage female Christian and Conservative, I have continued reading out of curiosity to see how others view the Duggars. Nothing I have read so far has upset me to the point that I would want to comment, besides when you mention in your editorial above that, “Girls aren’t naturally drawn to wearing long skirts every day of their life”. Now I am not going to go on a huge rampage bashing you, I would just like to say that I don’t think it is fair to call out Michelle Duggar for teaching her daughters modesty, because a majority of parents need to. Many young women walk around in tiny little booty shorts and crop tops, their parents not bothering to teach them modesty and what is okay and not okay to show the world. If my parents had their way they would love if I wore turtle-necks and long skirts everyday. It’s a natural state for parents to be in. I understand that you’re saying that Michelle’s form of teaching modesty leads to her daughters not being comfortable with their bodies, but I believe that she is teaching her daughters that what’s under those long skirts is for their husband’s eyes only, as the way it should be. I don’t think that the girls are uncomfortable with their bodies, but know whom they are saving the bodies for, which is good for them to know. :)

    • RW

      She’s right! Pants are for whoooooooooores! I’m genuinely shocked that the one huss in the family photo is showing off her sexy, sexy ankle. She’s too young to be dressing like such a tramp – I can’t believe she got away with it for such a public photo.

  • leilani

    What a bunch of nut jobs lol!

  • Wanda

    These people are a cult…they do blanket training for babies. They believe in beating their kids. Their fake and are not true Christians. Their a hate group.

  • tooprecious2u

    This is one of the most disturbing blogs I have read in quite a while. I am an Agnostic. I state this to preemptively strike against those who would claim my opinion is the result of religious brainwashing. It deeply saddens me that people with the beliefs and lifestyle like those of the Duggars are What our society now views as “offensive”. Your views are so filled with bitter malicious contradiction, and drips with irony. I could write pages defining them however, it would fall on deaf ears.

  • Real life

    So I don’t watch sister wives because I don’t agree with anything that goes on there. If your offended by the Duggers why in the world do you watch it. Spare yourself the offense and turn the channel!

  • Melissa

    I don’t understand why you are so against the Duggers. They have a right to their own opinions just like the rest of us here in the US. They also have a right to voice them and raise their kids the way they want. My God, they are a lot better than a lot of trash you see on tv like Honey Boo Boo or the Kardashians! Have you ever heard of live and let live? If you don’t like them, don’t watch them!