And For Her Next Award-Winning Role, Jennifer Lawrence Will Play A Toddler In A Tiara

Jennifer Lawrence Hairdo David O. Russell set March 25 2013Well isn’t this a sunny surprise on a cloudy afternoon! Set stalkers snapped photos of Jennifer Lawrence wearing a Toddlers-and-Tiaras-inspired updo while walking around the set of her new movie. While the David O. Russell movie’s still untitled, we now know that it’s about an adult pageant star who’s forced to accept that her flippers just won’t cut it anymore. Nor will her spray tan or her fake tears or that cutesy little strip tease she does while that classic folk song, “Old McDonald Had a Farm” plays in the background.

Since David O. Russell’s involved we also have to assume that there will be some kind of playbook. Perhaps a playbook she steals from the contestant who keeps beating her at the  competition? Or maybe the playbook of early 19th century pageant secrets she unearths in her great-grandmother’s attic while cleaning it out. The movie doesn’t come out for four hundred billion years, so we have a long ways to go before we find out.

Between then and now we’ll see her play a broken-wombed woman in Serena and a murder-driven reality show contestant in Catching FireTwo roles that will likely get her nominated for two more Academy Awards. And a Golden Globe. Also a Teen Choice Award. And an MTV Movie Award. Maybe even an Emmy if one of the movies plays on TV before before the nominations go out.  Oh and definitely a Tony. Because it’s only so many more days until we hear that The Hunger Games will be adapted for the stage.

So rest assured that even though we don’t know the exact plot of this new untitled movie, we’re going to see enough of J.Law between now and then that we should feel okay about this particular project being somewhat up in the air.


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    • sarah

      so over the fascination this site has with this girl

      • Jenni

        I think you’re confusing the word fascination with obsession.

      • Jules

        So why go to the trouble of commenting? (LOL). Anyway, thanks for the article Jenni!.

    • Jules

      Love the big hair!….and since I remember the late 70′s and ABSCAM as well as photos of Marie Weinberg in the newspapers, I can safely say the filmakers have nailed the look. Jennifer Lawrence will knock this out of the park…though it is a very small role, more like a vameo. No matter, a terrific cast, great story…looking forward to this!.

    • Jules

      And that’s “cameo” not “vameo”.

      • mse

        That’s a shame, I was just about to come up with a definition of the word ‘vameo’. :)

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        A vameo is when a vampire does it.

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