Chris Brown Redefines The Art Of The Apology With A Song Called ‘Fuck For The Road’

Chris Brown Driving February 2 2013Every time I think Chris Brown’s angered me for the last time, he comes back again with something even more offensive. It’s actually pretty incredible. And I hope that if he’s remembered for one thing, it’s his ability to turn his brutal assault on his girlfriend into a neverending parade of PR for himself. It takes a truly talented (and twisted) individual to be able to pull that trick off over and over again.

Today we have the release Tyga’s new song called “Fuck for the Road,” featuring the always charming Chris Brown singing the chorus. A chorus that Hollywood Life thinks is the most wonderful and most romantic apology ever made by a man who beat up his girlfriend on their way to the Grammys.

Additionally, while Chris’ apology is sweet, he’s already confessed that Rihanna does forgive him, as he’s worked to regain her trust. Unfortunately, shows like Law & Order and Glee haven’t made it easy for the couple to move on, but they’re not letting it get them down, and Chris is 100% supportive of Rihanna while she’s on her “Diamonds” tour.

Yes, it is unfortunate that shows like Law & Order and Glee have made it hard for Chris Brown and Rihanna to move past that night when Chris Brown repeatedly punched Rihanna in the face. And all those other nights after that incident when Chris Brown continued to show his remorse by NOT SHOWING ANY REMORSE. But instead getting a tattoo of her beaten face on the side of his neck. Or by standing up in a club and telling men to remember that they own their woman’s pussy.

Luckily now for Chris Brown, his  wonderful new lyrics will shut all his naysayers up. Because as far as apologies go, this one’s perfect.

 My heart beats for you when you are the one
Why you mad at me girl I know I make mistakes I know I f–ked up
But my heart beats for you baby I’ma go and scream it loud
But if you leave it’s something I can’t control
So lets do it one last time and f–k for the road

For those of you who aren’t fluent in Romance, let me translate this for you: I love you, I know I made a mistake, but it’s because I love you. In fact, I love you so much that I can’t control what I do. Or what my hands do. Or who I hit. And who I lash out on Twitter. Really anything. And it’s your fault for making me love you. Also, do you want to fuck? If so, I’m in.

I know. We all just got a sneak peak into what life is like when you’re living in Swoon City.


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    • stfu

      stfu. he isn’t even singing to her. maybe they are friends. just because they’ve been photographed together and spoken bout mending their friendship, it doesn’t mean tht their lives revolve around each other. for all we know he could be talking to kae…

      • Jenni

        May I ask you how you pronounce your name?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I think it’s ‘Steefu’.

    • josh

      get that promo tyga even if they are ignoring its your song, your names still getting out there

      • Jenni

        Next time Tyga stops by Crushable, I’ll make sure to pass along your message!

    • Nelle

      I’m confused. How did a song by a young rap artist-Tyga-that features young R&B/Pop artist-Chris Brown-become the foundation from which a diatribe about how awful a person and apologist Chris Brown is was written? How did you even deduce this from a song by another artist that he is FEATURED on? LOL. I’m sorry, I just find it highly entertaining how this person whom there seems to be so much disdain for, across this entire site, is discussed almost daily if not weekly. In ways that almost universally never make any real sense. But get those site clicks, I suppose…

    • Nae

      I don’t understand. This was a song he was featured in, he didn’t write it…How does one come to the conclusion that everything that Chris Brown sings is about Rihanna? That level of ignorance baffles me. Not everything is about her. This is a poor article whose purpose is solely to criticize Chris Brown. If you hate him so much just don’t write about him. I don’t understand you people..

      • Jenni

        He chose to participate in a song with those lyrics. Either he’s an idiot who truly can’t see why people would think his part’s about his well-known relationship with Rihanna or he’s sending a message to everyone who listens about his relationship with Rihanna. Neither way bodes well for him.

      • Nelle

        Or maybe the song reflects the emotion of the lead artist, who the song happens to be by… Tyga. Or maybe… just maybe… it could just be a song.. with a catchy hook, a nice melody, purely for entertainment value. Sheesh, lol. Stop harping on this guy. If you hate him so much, why talk about him at all? Hate=love. You’re putting the same amount of energy into both, so… But going out of your way to create non-stories (like youtube clips of the OC – how old is that show?) just to prove your perceived point is starting to make you ladies seem a bit obsessed with this character. Just saying…

    • Qu

      Jenni, i’ve actually grown up witnessing domestic violence and my parents have actually moved on and its been 15 years since they last fought with each other physically. if you truly stand for battered woman, volunteer at a shelter or help the female in your community who is getting her ass beat. rehashing a 4 year incident will not solve the issue of domestic violence.its futile! Talk is cheap but if you actually helped battered woman, id have respect for you. that tattoo is not a battered woman. i am part mexican and its a day of the dead skull and im actually offended by your ignorance of my culture and you think so little of it. Where was your concern for Karreuche?

    • Sharon

      You read too much into shit man, fuck all the way off. It’s not about Rihanna! This happened 4 years ago, he has made amends. ENOUGH!

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