• Fri, Mar 22 2013

Alison Brie Looks So Good In Drag, I’ve Decided She Should Play Don Draper From Now On

Alison Brie in drag on Wired magazine April 2013

Guys, I just saw Alison Brie dressed like a man on the cover of Wired magazine, and I’m starting to seriously consider campaigning to make her the new Don Draper, at least for one episode of Mad Men. I think I’m going to start drawing up a petition ASAP. Dr. Who changes up the actors every few seasons, so why can’t Mad Men? And then Jon Hamm can dress up as Trudy Campbell in an apron and a chipper smile and all will be right with the world by being wrong with it. Got it?

I mean, just look at her. She looks gorgeously androgynous. She hasn’t fully committed to the masculine role by growing a beard, but I’ve heard that can be hard for women to do so I’ll cut her some slack. And most of the men on Mad Men don’t have much beardwise anyway beyond some sexy stubble after an all-night, scotch-fueled copy-writing sesh. Look at that stare she’s shooting at the camera. It’s like she’s right on the verge of sexually harassing a secretary. It’s perfect. Let’s get on this, Matthew Weiner. You’ve found your angle for next season.

Alison is incredibly funny on Community, but I love when people pay attention to her for her role on Mad Men. She’s a talented dramatic actress as well, and her character Trudy isn’t on the show enough, if you ask me. She can be clueless sometimes, but she’s married to slimy Pete Campbell (the newly engaged Vincent Kartheiser) so it’s pretty much impossible not to sympathize with her. So what I’m trying to say is I’m happy she’s not on the cover of this magazine dressed as Abed Nadir or Troy Barnes. Although, now that I imagine that… ideas!

Just to make sure we all understand that Alison is indeed a lady, she also posed for the bombshell photo below, in which she of course also looks gorgeous. In fact, maybe she should just play all the roles. Comedy/drama, man/woman — she does it all well! I don’t know why she looks so happy while she appears to be hunched over with chronic back pain, but I guess that’s just fashion for you.

Alison Brie blonde Wired Magazine April 2013

So when I turn my television to AMC to watch the Mad Men premiere on April 7, I had better at least be introduced to Trudy’s brother Rudy. Anything else would be a crime.

I don’t know why beautiful women don’t just walk around in men’s suits all the time. They always pull them off.

(Images: Dan Winters/Wired, via Buzzfeed)

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