Should We Continue To Let Steve Carell Make Movies? The Editors Debate

Michael Scott Cursing The Office


Even though we did not in any way okay the production and promotion of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, it’s still premiering in theaters today. While we’re usually very pro-magic at, we’re not really feeling this film. Mostly because we think Steve Carell can do better than this movie. But that’s as far as our “we” thinking got when we got to talking about this movie in the office. Jenni’s pretty convinced that this movie’s one giant sign that it’s time to stop casting Steve Carell in movies. While Alexis still thinks that he has some kind of movie star career coming his way. So rather than keeping our conversation to ourselves, we thought it would only be fair to share it. Then let you weigh in via comments on who’s right: Jenni or Alexis. And keep in mind, whoever loses this conversation gets fired. You hold our jobs in your hands.

Jenni: I’ll kick this off right away with a big fat no. No, we should not let Steve Carell make movies. I made the unfortunate mistake of watching Dan in Real Life this past weekend and it’s really bad. Which is a shame because I wanted him to do absolutely great things about he left The Office. You know, make his departure from the show that made him famous worthwhile.

Alexis: He will do great things! He’s still finding himself! He was on The Office for, what? Six years, 140 episodes? That’s accurate, I just looked that up. Stay off of IMDB.

Michael Scott waving arms The Office



Jenni: Pray tell, when will he do these great things? His best movies are the first ones that he made when no one really knew him. Anchorman in 2004, 40 Year Old Virgin in 2005 and Little Miss Sunshine in 2006. It’s only gone downhill since he left The Office to focus fulltime on his movie career. What did he make since leaving? Hmm, umm, oh Hope Springs. The only movie in the history of movies that makes me dislike Meryl Streep. Way to go Steve.

Alexis: I thought I told you to stay off IMDB! And also if you need help disliking Meryl Streep, then look no farther than Mamma Mia. But as far as Steve’s movies, what about his voice work on Despicable Me? And his real person work on Crazy Stupid Love? That was from 2011, so people definitely knew him, and I know you’re not gonna sit here and look me in the…computer screen and tell me you didn’t like that movie. Bullhonkery.

Stevel Carrell Ryan Gosling sitting on a bench Crazy Stupid Love


Jenni: One, I enjoyed Mamma Mia. I also enjoyed Les Mis. You know why? I’m tone deaf. You should try it. It makes watching movie musicals so much more enjoyable. I truly didn’t understand the Russell Crowe hate. With the exception of that one GIF on Tumblr of Ryan Gosling topless, I’ve never seen Crazy, Stupid, Love. But I think you’re lying to yourself if you’re pretending that he did a good job in that movie. Because if he did such a good job (and I’m typing this with so much disdain), where are his shirtless GIFs? Oh right, no one cared about him in that movie.

Alexis: You take that back! I cared about him! He was the same character as in 40-Year Old Virgin except more intelligent and more likable! And he was like best friends with Ryan Gosling in that movie, so he’s endorsed by charming smirks and shirtless GIFs alike. Plus I’m taking fifteen points from Ravenclaw for your endorsement of Mamma Mia.

Michael Scott hates your face The Office


Jenni: So he made one good movie. Despicable Me doesn’t count. I’m pretty sure Jessica Alba’s allowed to make animated films, so let’s not act like those count for any kind of acting credibility. The question at hand is should we let him make more movies? Or should we send him off to greener pastures and catch up with him in 20-30 years when he does some kind of Office reunion on a late night show.

Alexis: No! Let him do what he wants! He’s like an aging golden retriever who’s earned our gratitude due to years of loyal service being a complete and total genius on The Office. If all he can do for a little bit is fetch newspapers, then so be it.

Michael Scott somersaults onto couch The Office


Jenni: That’s a horrible analogy. Fetching newspapers is useful. How is starring in movies like The Incredible Burt Wonderstone in any way useful? I think if anything he’s embarrassing himself at this point. Wouldn’t you rather remember him as being a genius on The Office, instead of a mediocre actor in mediocre movies. And from what I hear about Burt Wonderstone, mediocre’s putting it lightly.

Alexis: You leave Burt Wonderstone out of this! You haven’t even seen it and I’m pretty sure there’s a clause somewhere in our Constitution that says you can’t reference a movie unless your eyes and brain have actually absorbed it. So you’re pretty far out of order considering it’s not even out yet.

Jenni: Alexis, I’m pretty sure that 90% of what we do on this here site violates the Constitution — as well as the unwritten rules about human decency  So don’t even try to shame me with that. Just know that I refuse to endorse any Steve Carell movies from here on out.

Michael Scott holding shopping bags The Office


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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I find myself objectively agreeing with Alexis.

      • Jenni

        I find myself imagining ways I can use your desk after your fired. A smoothie station comes immediately to mind. Followed by a place to store my antique bird cages.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Alright, but I’m taking your antique birds with me when I leave.

      • Jenni

        Your loss. They only know one song. And it’s a Weird Al Yankovich tune.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I hope it’s Albuquerque.

    • Jill O’Rourke

      Umm… Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. I laughed, I cried, I feared impending meteors. But I worry Burt Wonderstone might cancel that out, so I remain undecided.

      • Charlene You

        seeking a friend was also amazing. that was even more recent!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I didn’t see that one, but I will gladly use your opinions as my own to battle Jenni to the death!

      • Meg

        THIS^. An amazing movie that will totally change your opinion of Carrell.

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    • RobJoy

      Steve Carell plays a “stupid person” part really well. I don’t know if his talent extends beyond that.

      • Jenni

        Thank you RobJoy!

      • Carell is not funny

        ^This, Guy is horrible, will never pay for a movie he stars in. Already know he will be playing some annoying moron

    • jenley2013

      You know, I liked Crazy Stupid Love a lot, but now that I think of it – wasn’t because of him.
      Also, I hate 40 Year Old Virgin and don’t get the hype.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        But he’s able to resist Ryan Gosling’s abs in it! Doesn’t that deserve some kind of reward??

      • Jenni

        Sure. Let me know where to mail his brownie points.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You can mail the points to and leave the brownies with me.

    • flemiel

      Jenni, you seem to be rating Steve Carell’s acting based on the movies. What I mean by that- good movie= good acting, bad movie=bad acting which is not true. There are some movies I find myself wanting to like cause an actor was really good but I couldn’t since the movie was so bad. Generally it’s easy to find the bad actor in good movies (ie. Russell Crowe in Les Mis… but in that case bad acting will be because of his average singing. I personally liked him)

      Many actors have bad films. Ben Affleck is a prime example. Gigli and Daredevil vs. Good Will Hunting and Argo. Sure, as much as I love Steve Carell, I will admit some of the movies are bad but if you rate an actor on their bad movies, very few would be considered good. Not saying I think he’s gonna win an Oscar anytime soon (or ever) but let’s just hope the movies he’s casted in are written better.

      Plus Crazy Stupid Love was amazing. He was really good in it. Obviously most will be distracted by Ryan Goslings abs but when Ryan has a shirt on you will be able to focus on the rest of the actors.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Thank you, felmiel!

      • Jenni

        I don’t think Steve Carell’s a bad actor. I think he makes bad movies (or bad movie choices if you want to go that route). He has enough money and enough street cred in Hollywood that he should be able to pick his scripts..yet he always picks horrible ones. Riddle me that.

      • flemiel

        I do agree with that. He should be more selective. You just wrote that people should stop casting him so I “defended” him against his acting and what not but yeah… he really needs to pick better movies. Hopefully he’s just going through a slump and since he quit The Office he’s not being as selective as he was before since he doesn’t have The Office to fall back on (if that makes sense?) I feel like it’s hard to be consistently good with movies when you’re a comedic actor. Almost every comedic actor I’m thinking of has flops. Trust me, I love Steve Carell but even I haven’t seen/no desire to see some of these movies he’s done so I’m totally rooting for good choices. Little Miss Sunshine may be my favorite roll to date. I can’t fully enjoy 40 Year Old Virgin… the waxing scene disturbs me too much!

      • ajwearsclothes

        Maybe he just likes making fun movies instead of good ones. I can imagine I’d be like, “Man, this script is ridiculously stupid but that hair piece sounds awesome.”

    • Charlene You

      i am totally up for defending steve carell! although i agree that he needs to start making better movie choices, crazy stupid love totally redeemed him (for a while) in my eyes. besides from that, i just think he’s an adorable human being. give the poor guy a chance in hollywood.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • CG

      Dan In Real Life is a thing of beauty, The entire thing is just wonderful.

      • Madeline Raynor

        Agreed. Beautiful movie, beautiful soundtrack.

      • Jenni

        I just can’t buy that a family does that much together. Morning workouts? Afternoon crossword puzzles? Evening talent shows? That’s where it lost me.

    • Madeline Raynor

      As good as some of his movies are, I can’t think of Steve Carell as a love interest. It was too much of a stretch even in Date Night. He will always be Michael Scott to me.

      • Jenni

        I love Tina and I could barely get through Date Night. They had ZERO chemistry.

    • Shea

      I agree with the Seeking a Friend for the End of the World comment. That movie was incredible. Burt Wonderstone frightens me, but I think if it fails he’ll just mend it with something incredible. That he produces or writes or directs or all three. Because I have that much faith in him.

    • C.

      I have to agree with Alexis because Steve Carell is the best and I don’t want him to stop making hilarious films.
      Plus, if Jenni gets fired she and I can both move in with our BFF Jennifer Lawrence and have tons of fun in our BFFs villa and we won’t need jobs because our BFF Jen will pay for everything and introduce us to our new boyfriends Liam and Bradley (dibs on Liam, btw). And we can adopt Josh because he’s just that cute.

      • Jenni

        It’s like you’re reading my career plan! Fired or not, BFF villas was the next thing on my bucket list.

    • Tabitha

      Seeking a Friend beats Burt Wonderstone, I think. Look. If Keira is okay with him, we’re okay with him.

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    • JenniSucks

      I think the real question should be “should Jenni be paid to write?” Because I’ve spotted numerous grammatical errors in this post and in her comments. Also not to mention she sounds like a obligatory idiot.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You’re absolutely right, we’re required by law to have one obligatory idiot in the office, just to fill our quota. And since we’ve always been overachievers, we decided to get two!

    • JenniSucks2

      If either of you had done your research (IMDB and Google are all the rage) you would know that Steve has plenty of great movies in development. Anchorman 2 and Foxcatcher are just two examples. The later of which Steve will probably receive an Oscar nom for, seeing as he’ll be playing a psychotic murderer. (Are you feeling stupid yet?) He also has an independent film that received rave reviews at Sundance and sold for 10 million dollars. Before you go running your mouth about how Steve should no longer be cast in movies, use your brains (if you have them) and do some research. I can’t believe you guys are actually getting paid for this bullshit.

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    • Carell is not funny

      Steve carell is the worst fking actor on the big screen, honestly can not stand watching him anymore. How do people enjoy watching the sht he is in. Bruce almighty that was ok and thats it, please retire and stop ruining ok movies that i would watch otherwise if you were not in them, thanks

    • Guest

      this is so right. Guy is absolute garbage

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